Dina L Hamby,she gone but never will be forgotten she had some pretty cool research she come up with we would talk and share each others research she inspired me with her knowledge of this evil gangstalking cointelpro,infragard,targeted individual program she was a expert with knowledge.this evil program is what killed my friend the stalking,harassment and torture she is a angel in heaven a real fighter warrior done alot and gave a lot for this targeted individual community Dina L Hamby,was on the frontline a mission to expose this evil program so we all could have freedom she will still be with us all she is fighting for us right now up in heaven as a angel.. check her youtube out https://www.youtube.com/user/2567dino her own words and one of her videos: This movie shows evidence of a microchip that was implanted in my head without my consent by my ex-boyfriend Charles in 2009 when he had drugged me and put me out. When I woke up my head hurt badly I asked him if I should go see a doctor then he told me no you probably just bumped your head while you was sleeping. My mri photos that I have looked at look like he may have put it in the leftside of my head. Renown hospital here in Reno,Nv has lied to me and said there was no foreign object in my brain on my 2012 mri of my brain. You can clearly see the foreign object in the leftside of my head towards the back.


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