(Officials Confirm Body Found on Florida Beach Is Federal Prosecutor)WHAT DID HE KNOW AND WHO HE CROSSED THESE DAM GOVERNMENT AGENT ,KILLER COPS AND GANGSTALKERS OTHER CRIMINALS KILL FOLK EVERYDAY TO LOOK LIKE ACCIDENT /SUICIDE. WELL JUST LAST MONTH A JUDGE WAS FOUND IN THE RIVER IN NEW YORK CITY HUDSON RIVER. THESE EVIL FOLKS BEEN STALKING AND TRYING TO KILL ME FOR YEARS STARTED AS A ROOKIE COP IN THE 90S SEE YOUTUBE A black male washed ashore federal prosecutor Beranton J. Whisenant, worked in the Major Crimes Unit where he was overseeing several visa and passport fraud cases.maybe he knew to much become targeted and then dead thats how they pull these tricks folks shut you up.. FSU SHOOTER MYRON ,MAY WAS TARGETED AND STALKED BEFORE THAT INCIDENT HE HAD THE SAME STATUS ,BUT STATE LEVEL NOT FEDERAL STATE PROSECUTOR FOR STATE OF NEW MEXICO see links and


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