Black Judge With History Of Holding Cops Accountable Found Dead In River AND A YOUNG WHITE MALE FOUND IN BOSTON RIVER LAST SEEN AT NBA GAME THIS IS THE TYPE CRIME THESE EVIL DEMONIC COPS WORKING WITH THEIR GANGSTALKING CRIMINALS DO TO TARGETED INDIVIDUAL VICTIMS TO COVER UP THEIR CRIMES TO LOOK ACCIDENTAL FOR MK-ULTRA SECRET MONEY A BOUNTY ON THE VICTIMS HEAD BEING FUNDED IN THE MILLIONS JUST LIKE THE DAM LOTTERY. WELL YOU GOT ALL KINDS OF SECRET SOCIETY GROUPS WORKING TOGETHER ALONG WITH WHITE SUPREMACY GETTING THIS FUNDING FOR THEIR TERRORIST GROUPS. I GET HARASSMENT FROM THESE DEMONS 24/7 SEE MY YOUTUBE THIS YOUNG MANS STORY AND LINK BREAKING: Family of missing Southborough man confirms their son’s body was found in Charles River. OK THIS THE JUDGE LINK AND STORY Black Judge With History Of Holding Cops Accountable Found Dead In River. Well just like that black female judge new york floating in the river she was hard on the police wanted fair justice for all that was a killer cop gangstalker job to shut her up. yall folks better educate yourself these gangsrtalkers working with cops nothing more than a large group of serial killers do your research they kill many folks look accidental,or look like a suicide when these cult members done the crime. ANOTHER STORY LINK AND Some things just don’t add up. On Wednesday evening, cops responded to a call about a woman’s body on the bank of the Hudson River. Moments later, the body was identified as Sheila Abdus-Salaam, the first black woman appointed to the state’s highest court. Police claim her body showed no obvious signs of trauma or struggle, however, they didn’t want to speculate on the cause of her death until a medical examiner came on the scene. According to the New York Post, her death appeared to be a suicide. THE LINK _osource=SocialFlowFB_NYBrandry-of-holding-cops-accountable-found-dead-in-river?utm_campaign=103270&utm_medium=cmsshare&utm_source=facebook&utm_term=dl_hughley ANOTHER LINK AND MY STORY I HAD THIS STORY AND VIDEO POSTED ON WORDPRESS COME UP MISSING IN ACTION LIKE SOME OTHER REAL NEWS STORY I POST ON THESE TERRORIST. EXPLAIN IN THIS STORY ABOUT THESE INCIDENTS BEING ON THE LOCAL TV NEWS 3, BLACK MALES,ONE WHITE FEMALE ,A WHITE MALE ALL FLOATING IN WATER THESE GANGSTALKERS USE THESE TATICS TO MAKE THEIR KILLINGS LOOK LIKE A ACCIDENT,OR SUICIDE THESE ARE SATANIST REAL KILLERS EDUCATE YOURSELF KILL FOLKS EVERYDAY A WAY TO COVERED UP A CRIME WITH THE POLICE INVOLVED.WHEN I WROTE ABOUT THESE INCIDENTS LAST YEAR THESE INCIDENTS DECLINED BEING THAT I EXPOSE THEIR METHOD OF OPERATION PULL THE COVER OFF THESE DEVILS CLICK LINK READ MORE



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