Woman sentenced for falsely reporting man as child molester THIS SAME TYPE PLOT HAPPEN TO ME THE SHERIFF INVOLVED WITH HIS DEPUTIES AND OTHERS CRIMINALS HAD MY SISTER ROSIE A DAM TEACHER WORK WITH CHILDREN TOOK PICTURES OF HER 16 YR OLD DAUGHTER IN A FABRICATED CHILD PORN PLOT TO BLAME ME PUT ME IN JAIL FOR A CRIME. I DIDNOT COMITT BECAUSE I BE A TARGETED INDIVIDUAL VICTIM EXPOSING THE SHERIFF AND HIS CRIMINAL/PEDOPHILE GANGS AND WHOLE MK-ULTRA PROGRAM ON YOUTUBE. I EXPOSE THE POLICE PLOT BEEN STANDING MY GROUND FOR JUSTICE SINCE JULY 2014 ALABAMA BURNING THESE CRIMINALS SAY I BE CRAZY THIS NEVER HAPPEN MANY FOLKS ALONG WITH POLICE OFFICERS HEARD ABOUT PLOT KNOW ITS THE TRUTH WHEN IT WAS IN THE WORKS TO DESTROY MY LIFE. THE SHERIFF IS HIDING THE CASE AND REPORT THIS MAJOR CORRUPTION SEE MY YOUTUBE CHANNELTHIS IS A PATTERN OF PLOTS AGAINST ME SO YOU CAN SE I BE TELLING THE TRUTH https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLI9LZptO8HjbhQtKEZm6EA THIS SAME TYPE PLOT HAPPEN TO A FRIEND OF MINES UNCLE IN KENTUCKY HE WAS PUT IN PRISON FOR A CHILD CRIME HE DIDNOT DO REFUSE TO TAKE A PLEA DEAL.HE GETS OUT OF PRISON HE WAS A TARGETED INDIVIDUAL JUST LIKE ME THE PROGRAM KILL HIM. THIS EVIL MUST STOP THIS VERY EVIL A HURTFUL LIE SHE WILL BE IN HELL TRYING TO GET MONEY WITH THE REST OF THESE CRIMINALS .HERE IS THE STORY FROM NEWS BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. — New details have been released in a case of alleged retaliation. Advertisement A Brevard County woman was sentenced for claiming a man molested a child. Those allegations ruined his life and prosecutors said she made the whole story up, for revenge. “You destroyed the life of an innocent man and an innocent child,” a judge said Thursday. Defendent Dana Loyd sobbed as she was sent a searing message from the judge’s bench. A jury recently found Loyd guilty of lying about serious allegations. She told state and local investigators a man molested a girl in the elementary class she teaches, but investigators learned Loyd didn’t work at the school. It was all a lie that Loyd allegedly spread to the man’s employer, the organization where he volunteered as a soccer coach and countless other strangers online. The man, too, had harsh words for Loyd and others who humiliated him. “The only goal of this is to tarnish my reputation and continue the cowardice of online social media abusers who have nothing in their sorry lives to (do other than) continue to take people down,” the victim said. The girl identified as a victim wrote a letter to the judge, asking for a stern sentence. The judge, rejecting a recommendation of probation, ordered Loyd to serve a year in jail. The sentence was intended “to get your attention and let you know what it feels like to be, perhaps, embarrassed, perhaps uncomfortable, perhaps humiliated,” the judge said. Loyd was also ordered to serve probation after jail and to never again post about the case online. It’s unclear why she made the allegations against the man in the first place. http://www.wesh.com/article/woman-sentenced-for-falsely-reporting-man-as-child-molester-oli5fbwd/9244403 AND SO ITS TRUE http://www.wftv.com/news/local/website-editor-found-guilty-of-falsely-reporting-child-abuse-in-brevard-county/508379785



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