I DONT BE SURPRISED THE SHERIFF SAMUEL COCHRAN AND HIS CHIEF DEPUTY DAVID WILHELM VERY DAM CORRUPTED THE DEPT 60 % CORRUPTED I GOT HIS DEPUTIES WITH OTHER CRIMINALS BEEN STALKING HARASSING ME SINCE 2012.I MOVED BACK FROM FT.KNOX,KY I BE A EX-MOBILE POLICE OFFICER. I EXPOSE THEM HARASSING ME CONNECTED TO WHITE SUPREMACY,USING AND WORKING AND HANGING OUT WITH DRUG DEALERS AND USER CAUSING ME PROBLEMS MORE OF THESE DEPUTIES GONNA BE ON DRUGS HANGING OUT WITH MY CORRUPTED FAMILY MEMBERS SELLING AND USING DRUGS. I WAS SETUP ON FABRICATED CRIMES FOR EXPOSING THIS BUNCH OF CRIMINALS ON YOUTUBE USING MY FAMILY TO MAKE CHILD PORN PICTURES OF A FAMILY GIRL PUT ON MY COMPUTER BY MY SISTER A DAM TEACHER INVOLVED IN THIS CRIME. I EXPOSE THE PLOT TO TRY TO PUT ME IN JAIL FOR FABRICATED CHILD PORN A SECRET PLOT GOD HELP ME TO EXPOSE THESE CROOKS . THEY COME HERE I CALL NEWS 15 THEY WHERE TRYING TO COVER UP THE PLOT PUT ME IN MENTAL MY OWN 80 YR OLD MOTHER INVOLVED IN THIS CRIME.I BEEN STANDING MY GROUND SINCE JULY 2014 THEY LEFT HERE RUNNING CANCELLED THE NEWS CREW TO COVER UP THESE CRIMES BEEN TELLING LIES TO JUSTIFY AND COVER UP THESE CRIMES COMMITTED AGAINST ME HERE IS THERE CRIMES ON YOUTUBE https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLI9LZptO8HjbhQtKEZm6EA HERE IS HIS PUBLIC INFORMATION OFFICER RIGHT INVOLVED IN THESE CRIMES LORI MYLES, ON YOUTUBE THIS LINK https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G1RNg1Zr87g THE SHERIFF STILL TRYING TO COVER UP THIS BS USING CRIMINAL GANGS ITS A PEDOPHILE RING AFTER MAKING CHILD PORN UP ON ME JUST LIKE PIZZA GATE. THESE THIS GROUP IS HOME GROWN TERRORIST RUN BY THE CORRUPTED SHERIFF HE AINT NO SAINT A DAM DEVIL FROM HELL THEY BEEN HIDING THE POLICE REPORT AND CASE OF CHILD PORN MADE UP FABRICATED ON ME SAYING MY MIND BAD THIS NEVER HAPPEN BS SHIT IT DID HAPPEN MAJOR CORRUPTION MY FAMILY AND SHERIFF SAY IT NEVER HAPPEN ,BECAUSE THEY ALL INVOLVED ALABAMA BURNING. THE SHERIFF DEPT AND THEIR CRIMINALS STILL MAKING UP LIES AND FABRICATING STORY EVERYDAY TO COVER UP THEIR CHILD PORN CRIMES I BEEN HERE ALMOST 3 YRS, BUT THEY STILL TELLING LIES AND CREATE NEW CRIME PLOTS EVERYDAY TO TRY TO GET ME IN TROUBLE BREAKING STATE AND FEDERAL LAWS STALKING VIDEO EVIDENCE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hn8RBM315jk AND MY CHANNEL https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLI9LZptO8HjbhQtKEZm6EA WELL NOW THE NEWS STORY FROM NEWS 5 WKRG STORY:Mobile County Deputy in Trouble with the Law MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) – A Mobile County Sheriff’s Deputy was relieved of duty Tuesday morning after he was allegedly caught buying drugs in Mobile. After a routine staff meeting, a spokesperson for the Sheriff’s Office told News Five that the deputy is facing termination. No charges have been filed, however, they are still possible with the criminal investigation ongoing. Mobile County Sheriff Sam Cochran released the following statement: This is to confirm that in the past few days, our office caught one of our deputies purchasing controlled substances while off duty. At the time the Deputy was relieved of his duties, and all issued equipment was taken from him and he was transported home. Yesterday, He was served with a disciplinary notice and faces a hearing on Wednesday that could lead to his termination. We are disheartened to learn that one of our members may have an addiction, however we are not shocked when one considers on a daily basis we see across this county the epidemic of drug and alcohol abuse. Our Office has an employee assistance program from which employees may seek assistance when they have a problem. However, they must self-report and seek help. If not, and they are found to have a problem, severe sanctions including termination are taken against them. We are Public Safety and we cannot allow our employees to operate under the influence of any controlled substance. As to any criminal charges, the investigation is still ongoing, and upon completion will be forwarded to the District Attorneys Office. The alleged misconduct was fully investigated by the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office. I would like to commend our Detectives on the professional manner in which they handled this investigation. — Sheriff Sam Cochran http://wkrg.com/2017/03/14/breaking-deputy-fired-for-drug-allegations-no-charges-filed/


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