well someday i want to start my own militia to protect all people when the government fail you and you got terrorist i ment the local police involved in corruption with other criminals stalking and harassing folks just like i be dealing with we must find away to shut this corruption down run these evil fuckers out of town. i wil deploy my freedom for all taking back america militia any place to stop this evil shit happening to people any place in usa. this happening to me we need no more of this shit. the news media local helping the sheriff to cover up his corruption not reporting these crimes and corruption alabama burning deep in corruption and burning nobody should be getting away with these crimes. i be ex -cop and army vet have expose this whole program with the police involved right on youtube working withh kkk and other criminals and crack heads see my youtube. channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLI9LZptO8HjbhQtKEZm6EA (UPDATE that supid ass sheriff samuel cochran got his pedophile /kkk gang out here gangstalking on the roadway in vehicle and in the bushes at 2221 hours feb 25,2017 the local news media not reporting the news got to be involved still helping him to cover up his lies bs to hide his fabricated child porn corruption made up on me by him my family and his pedo gang trying anything to hide his corruption the most corrupted sheriff in the usa. ) and a story on I-Team Gets Rare Access to Compounds of Private Militia Group “You need the militia around to make sure that the local area where we reside is being protected from the marauders and wolves of society,” one member said. A few hours away from New York City, weekend warriors are involved in what they call Patriot games. Members of the Pennsylvania State Militia (PSM) drill once a month in military-style maneuvers and weapons training. They are not members of the National Guard, which is a reserve military force of the U.S. Armed Forces. The PSM is a private militia group. Private militia training is legal in most states as long as members don’t incite violence or civil unrest and follow local gun laws. New York state has an old law that puts restrictions on private militias operating in public. The PSM, which trains on various private compounds in northern Pennsylvania near the New York border, granted NBC 4 New York’s I-Team rare access after months of negotiations. The founder of the militia group, Staff Sgt. Michael Grove, said members were concerned about how they might be portrayed in the media. Some did not want to show their faces or give their real names. click link to read more http://www.nbcnewyork.com/investigations/Militia-Pennsylvania-I-Team-Ridealong-Rare-Access-New-York-Border-Citizen-Soldier-414628833.html?_osource=SocialFlowFB_NYBrand


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