Mark Zuckerberg with Priscilla and I got into Birmingham tonight and got to meet Anthony Ray Hinton. He spent 30 years in prison on death row for a crime he didn’t commit, and was exonerated and released only a couple years ago. He told us the story of how he was arrested for a murder at a restaurant where the only description of the killer was a black man with lighter skin and a beard. The detective asked if he owned a gun and he said no. The detective asked if any of his family members did and he said yes. They didn’t bother to check whether the gun matched the bullets in the crime. The detective told him he was going to get convicted because he was black. The jury convicted him and he was sent to death row. Years later, Bryan Stevenson at the Equal Justice Initiative started researching his case. He hired experts who proved that the bullets in the crime couldn’t possibly have come from Anthony’s mother’s gun. But Bryan had to get the courts to reconsider Anthony’s case given the new evidence. They wouldn’t do it for 15 more years despite the clear evidence that would exonerate Anthony. Finally Bryan took the case to the Supreme Court, and they ruled that the evidence had to be considered. The state court immediately dropped the case and Anthony was freed, after 30 years. He told us that after unjustly locking him away for 30 years, nobody even apologized for that mistake. When I heard this, I apologized to him — not because I could have helped in his case, but because it is all of our responsibility to make our society one of justice for all. As a parting thought, he told us: “I believe that when bad things happen, good people need to stand up and make sure it doesn’t happen again.” We have a long way to go, but thanks to folks like Bryan Stevenson and Anthony Ray Hinton we will keep fighting until we get there.THIS MY STORY INFORMATION-THIS SOUNDS A LOT LIKE MY OWN STORY POLICE CORRUPTION AND CRIMINAL CORRUPTION WITH MY FAMILY INVOLVED FABRICATE STORIES AND CRIMES FOR THE POLICE. THE MOST MAJOR PLOT CHILD PORN FABRICATED ON ME MADE UP BY MY OWN SISTER TOOK THE PICTURES OF HER 15 YR OLD DAUGHTER GOD HELP ME TO EXPOSE THE PLOT NOW ITS A COVER UP SAY I BE CRAZY THIS DIDNOT HAPPEN HIDING THE POLICE REPORT AND THE CRIME MANY FOLKS KNOW THIS HAPPEN AND I BE TELLING THE TRUTH. SHERIFF SAMUEL COCHRAN, THE MOST CORRUPTED SHERIFF IN THE UNITED STATES IS INVOLVED IN THIS CRIME WITH HIS DEPUTIES AND KKK GROUP,OTHER CRIMINALS WANT TO GET ME OFF YOUTUBE EXPOSING THEIR CORRUPTION . I THREATEN TO GO TO NEWS MEDIA BECAUSE SHERIFF WAS PART OF MY CRIMES,NOT INVESTIGATING MY CRIMES THREATEN MY FAMILY I WAS GOING TO THE NEWS ON THEIR ASS ALSO AND I WAS LEAVING ALABAMA TO NEVER COME BACK GOING BACK TO KENTUCKY SO THIS PLOT WAS MADE UP WANT TO PUT ME IN JAIL WANTED TO GET THAT DEMONIC SECRET SOCIETY GOVERNMENT FUNDING SO THEY ROLL THE DICE GAMBLERS .I EXPOSE THESE CRIMINALS BEEN STANDING MY GROUND SINCE JULY 2014 FOR JUSTICE OF ALL MANKIND STOP THE POLICE FROM TARGETING PEOPLE AND FABRICATING CRIMES PUTTING INNOCENT FOLKS IN JAIL.I HAVE NO HELP SUPPORT FOR MY CAUSE HAVE TWO DOGS WE NEED FOOD SUPPORT TO STAY ONLINE TO EXPOSE THESE EVIL CRIMES AND WAR CRIMINALS. I HAVE EXPOSE THIS WHOLE EVIL MK ULTRA PROGRAM AND GANGSTALKING PROGRAM NEED TO BE SHUT DOWN.THE TARGETED INDIVIDUAL COMMUNITY STAY AWAY ITS A TRAP TO KEEP YOU IN THIS EVIL PROGRAM GET YOU KILL AND SAVE THIS PROGRAM BIG MONEY NO SUPPORT THIS COMMUNITY HAS 95% GOVERNMENT AGENTS/PERPS FAKE TARGETED INDIVIDUALS JUST LIKE MY PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP SAY FAKE NEWS .I SAY FAKE TARGETED INDIVIDUALS WORKING WITH THE SHERIFF,KKK. MY FAMILY OTHER CRIMINALS ON THE GROUND IN SAINT ELMO ALABAMA HELPING TO KEEP ME DOWN AND NOT TO GET ANY HELP. ALABAMA BURNING WITH CORRUPTION THE SHERIFF IS COVERING THIS CORRUPTION UP GOING ON USING THE LOCAL NEWS MEDIA TO HELP HIM DO SO HIDING THE REAL TRUTH. THE SHERIFF IS FABRICATING CRIMES AND TELLING LIES TO JUSTIFY IS BS AGAINST ME WORKING HARD TO HIDE HIS CHILD PORN AND OTHER CRIMES MADE UP AGAINST ME THEY ALL NEED TO BE IN JAIL HIS MOBILE COUNTY METRO JAIL AND ALL NEED TO BE REGISTERED PEDOPHILE THIS A MAJOR PEDOPHILE RING JUST LIKE PIZZA GATE. ( IF YOU CAN HELP ME CONTACT ME LET ME KNOW THANK YOU GOD BLESS YOU) NOW SEE MY REAL PROOF AND EVIDENCE MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLI9LZptO8HjbhQtKEZm6EA AND MYWORDPRESS https://winstonherman17.wordpress.com/


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