ON JAN 29,2017 1510 HRS TO SHOW THIS SHERIFF AND THIS BUNCH PURE WHITE TRASH A KLANSMAN BEEN UP AND DOWN THIS ROAD SINCE 2012 IN A GREEN FORD TRUCK THREW SODA AND BEER CANS OUT THE WINDOW PASSING BY ME THIS SOME EVIL FOLKS GOD SEE THEM KARMA 360 HAVE DONE SO MUCH EVIL IN GODS SIGHT. THIS WANT BE THE FIRST TIME THESE CRIMINALS THREW TRASH OUT THE VEHICLE WHILE I WAS OUTSIDE CLOSE TO THE ROAD.oh boy this is much hate Trump being hated at the white house just crazy mean while supremacy and the sheriff other criminals making up bs stories on me to cover up their fabricated child porn on me made up on me by my family and the police god help me to expose the plot like a lot of other things the sheriff now be hiding the police report and case him and my family say i be crazy to hide this major corruption.i be a ex-police officer and u.s. army vet done a good job busting and exposing their asses. i be much hated a targeted victim by the evil government establishment standing my ground since july 2014 much corruption alabama burning i have exposed their big operation listen to this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hn8RBM315jk see more on youtube.


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