1550hrs jan20,2016 presidents day man on bicycle its a bird its a plane no its super klansman, be acting like a traffic cop very sneaky trying to catch speeders. i went outside about dark caught him two times hiding behind tree and power pole a 100yds away on side of the road see me take off riding toward me speak look back with a ole shitty face stare at me other stalkers in vehicles and sheriff vehicles would be in the area.i went outside today just for a minute didnot look up road he popped up i caught him on video say hey how is it going. i thank he gonna be one of sheriff sam cochrans,white power deputies out here stalking on a dam bicycle.i have had other klan fools on bike stop in front of the house stop riding get off bike staring i get camera out its like they found god get on the bicycle take off a miracle has happen.i had a black man i knew for years come by talk to he heard about the plot my family pull with the police fabricated child porn.i was telling him whats been happening i expose those folks they gonna be kkk,had a white male told me who these folks kkk where kept following me to local store in 2012 me and this white dude use to street race our hot rods in the 80s. i was telling him these fools come up here call me the n word and talking on speakers and i expose them they left the area by the hundreds and sheriff deputy click bailey grand klan left area retired from sheriff dept with others all sheriff sam cochrans shit. he told me around 2008-2009 he was riding a 4 wheeler after midnight in that big field close by the st.elmo airport he saw these folks in groups burning crosses in this area i told him about the kkk /sheriff base on mccoullough rd. he say it scared the shit out of him they didnot know he was black and he didnot ride the 4 wheeler in that area no more.i was living in louisville,ky and ft.knox,ky at the time 2008-2009 he saw this cross burning incident .i moved back here jan 2012 sheriff sam cochram and david wilhelm his chief deputy and deputy click bailey open this base up with deputies and kkk members all of them klansmen to harass me and still operating that same base jan 20,2017 trump day these some evil racist fuckers.the sheriff is a klansmen hiding behind his uniform he is a white power sheriff.i had these fools calling me the n word on remote speakers set up and come by here calling me the n word kkk racist fuckers here is some video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z-ib3s5V1Sg and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YODPJdyOlgk these fools will do anything for this secret society demonic money and funding from fda and federal government this a pedophile ring police,teaches ,bus drivers utility workers, folks from all walks of life.


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