THE SHERIFF SAMUEL COCHRAN, MOBILE COUNTY ALABAMA THE MOST CORRUPTED SHERIFF IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA WANT RAISES FOR HIS KILLER DEPUTIES,SOME ARE WHITE POWER KKK LAW MEN INVOLVED IN STALKING ,HARASSING AND KILLING FOLKS. I BE A VICTIM OF THEIR CRIMES OUT HERE STALKING ON DUTY WORKING WITH KKK MEMBERS AND SOME CRIMINALS LET OUT OF JAIL, DRUG USERS, DRUG DEALERS, MY OWN FAMILY THIS DEVIL SUPPLY THEM WITH MONEY AND DRUG TO HARASS ME. THIS IS A PEDOPHILE RING RING WITH COPS TOOK PICTURES OF MY SISTERS DAUGHTER IN A SECRET FABRICATED CRIME PLOT ON ME I WAS ABLE TO EXPOSE NOW THE SHERIFF HIDING THE DAM CASE AND POLICE REPORT SAY IT NEVER HAPPEN I BE CRAZY TO COVER UP THIS CRIME ALABAMA IS BURNING.I WROTE A STORY ABOUT THIS FOLKS ASKING FOR A RAISES AND THEIR CORRUPTION AGAINST ME WHEN I EXPOSED SOME OF THEM IN THIS KKK GROUP SOME RETIRED CLICK BAILEY RETIRED KKK AND SOME LEFT THE DEPT. OCTOBER 11, 2016 CLICK LINK TO SEE STORY THEN I WILL ADD NEWS STORY BELOW AND DEPUTY IN PLOT CALLING A GANGSTALKING PERPS NAME SO THIS WAS A PLOT SEE VIDEO GO TO YOUTUBE SEE MORE.…/mpd-raises-fuel-mo…/ AND NEWS STORY MOBILE, Ala. (WPMI) — A recently approved pay raise for Mobile Police offices has created challenges for other law enforcement agencies recruitment efforts. The Mobile City Council approved a $5,000 pay increase for MPD officers and a 2.5% percent pay raise or equity adjustment for every five years of service. Mobile County Sheriff Sam Cochran worries his deputies will leave to get a higher paying job with MPD. “It would be nice if we could get the same raise the city got,” said MCSO Lt. Richard Cayton. Recently the Mobile County Commission approved a 2.5% merit pay raise for deputies. Lt. Cayton worked for the Sheriff’s office for 35 years and said deputies deserve better pay. “Some of the deputies-they’ll be able to get a gallon of milk, a carton of eggs, and a loaf of bread,” said Lt. Cayton. “So if that’s what you call a pay raise, we appreciate what they gave but it’s not enough.” The starting salary for MCSO deputy is $31,679. The new starting pay for MPD officers is more than $35,000. Sheriff Sam Cochran said he is nervous deputies will leave to work for MPD. “Mobile and Mobile [County] Sheriff’s Office have historically paid the same salaries, and so this will be an additional challenge that we’ve got to address,” said Sheriff Cochran. His office is already struggling to recruit and retain officers. “After we hire them for a number of years, then they can move on to other agencies or move out of law enforcement,” said Cochran. The Sheriff said most deputies leave for higher paying jobs. He said the recent merit pay raise was the first one in eight years. “Every little bit helps but if we’re going to be competitive and if we want to retain good professional deputy sheriffs, we’ve got to pay what the job demands,” said Cochran. Mobile County Commissioner Jerry Carl said he is working with the Sheriff to find more money for law enforcement officers.…/mcso-deputies-consider-leaving-for-h..


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