jan 11,2017 2251hrs the klan sheriff pedophile ring/ gang using loud cars to create a noise campaign had two vehicles last night clowning.i heard them coming so i had the camera ready when i stepped out you can hear the gears trying to escape from the camera wanted to get away.these folk love to stalk,but dont want to be caught on camera. the main goal of this pedophile ring is to cover up this child porn made up on me keep police report hid this major corruption in this county many criminals and spiritual wickedness in high places a bunch devils.thess criminals started this bs jan 2012 i moved back from ft.knox,ky 2014 i had expose them so bad going to the news and leaving going back north made this shit up on me been standing my ground since july 2014 so this bs been going on 2012,2013,2014,2015,2016,2017 now been going on six different years the sheriff and his white supremacy operation.. see this story click link below for full story. (A RECORDING VIDEO MY SISTER EXPOSED IN THIS CHILD PORN PLOT FOR THE SHERIFF)THE SHERIFF CONSPIRING TO COVER UP HIS AND MY SISTER CRIME WITH OTHER CRIMINALS INVOLVED HIDING REPORTS AND FILES TO COVER UP THIS CHILD PORN AND PEDOPHILE RING RING OPERATION MAJOR CORRUPTION IN MOBILE COUNTY ALABAMA CONSIST OF POLICE OFFICERS,KKK MEMBERS,WHITE SUPREMACY,UNCLE TOMS, MY FAMILY,POWER,PHONE UTILITY,FIRE DEPT,WATER SERVICE, COUNTY EMPLOYEE,ALL KINDS OF CRIMINALS BAMA GATE BURNING IS JUST LIKE PIZZA GATE A RING OF PEDOPHILES CRIMINALS AND POLICE OFFICERS . https://winstonherman17.wordpress.com/2017/01/04/a-recording-videothe-sheriff-conspiring-to-cover-up-his-and-my-sister-crime-with-other-criminals-involved-hiding-reports-and-files-to-cover-up-this-child-porn-and-pedophile-ring-ring-operation/


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