Esteban Santiago manchurian candidate this young man is a manchurian candidate mind controlled in a CIA / military program.this was a very trouble young man a mk-ultra victim used to make gun control issues. he was gonna be a targeted individual/ a manchurian candidate thats why he went to the fbi. this shit happens in the real world gangstalkers /killer cops and killer soldiers destroying your life been trying to do it to me at ft.knox,ky along with another man a victim. i prayed for him and myself when you got jesus christ in your life read your bible these manchurian candidate programs dont work. i heard the devils say it didnot work many times at work it was god many folks gonna be in hell doing this i be dealing with the evil kkk sheriff sam cochran, with his white supremacy deputies and other criminal trying to pull the same tricks with the same goals god allowed me to expose them pull the cover off the devil use the devil to help me expose himself and this evil program not being covert captured them on video in living color these crimes happening to me and other victims who have not had no proof,or evidence in the past these crimes where happening to them. this was part of gods plan to expose not my will gods will so all mankind could see how these evil programs work to destroy a victims life.i had crime plots pull on me for exposing these evil crimes. this was gods plan so you in trouble with god for fabricating child porn and other crimes against me to put me in jail for stuff i didnot do with the police criminals involved its a major pedophile ring here bama gate burning just like pizza gate burning here in mobile county alabama take pictures of children put pictures on your computer to shut you down for exposing them on youtube done this to me they all in trouble with god no matter you online working against me with the devil on the ground god see you all know you by name you in trouble with god. well how you thank i expose all this stuff you better educated yourself its all gods work you will all know and will stand before god one day this what the bible say Saying, Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm.i be standing my ground this gods will let me know i be at war with these devil these are demonic children of the devil doing this evil all fallen angels. ( watch this video US military creating Manchurian candidates ) see my youtube and a differ story with link (A RECORDING VIDEO MY SISTER EXPOSED IN THIS CHILD PORN PLOT FOR THE SHERIFF)THE SHERIFF CONSPIRING TO COVER UP HIS AND MY SISTER CRIME WITH OTHER CRIMINALS INVOLVED HIDING REPORTS AND FILES TO COVER UP THIS CHILD PORN AND PEDOPHILE RING RING OPERATION MAJOR CORRUPTION IN MOBILE COUNTY ALABAMA CONSIST OF POLICE OFFICERS,KKK MEMBERS,WHITE SUPREMACY,UNCLE TOMS, MY FAMILY,POWER,PHONE UTILITY,FIRE DEPT,WATER SERVICE, COUNTY EMPLOYEE,ALL KINDS OF CRIMINALS BAMA GATE BURNING IS JUST LIKE PIZZA GATE A RING OF PEDOPHILES CRIMINALS AND POLICE OFFICERS .


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