2017 more ganngstalking crimes against me from the sheriffs criminal posse.1855hrs jan 5,2017 gangstalkers regular vehicles ford explorer drive by in the area with this company van from rent -a-center these perps use company vehicles all the time. all these perps ask the address a excuse to be in the area got big ass numbers in two places on side of the house lit up at night. the driver was talking on the phone about a dirt road and pit on the phone thats where that kkk/ metro sheriff base operation is located down in the pit dockside construction company with police other criminals on mccoullough rd the pit of hell the devils workshop this where that van was sent from to my location…..well if you notice when i said you gangstalking he drove up to next driveway.. i had two vehicles stop here 30 minutes earlier before he come to same location they been pulling tricks all day after i exposed this story and video yesterday desperate to start some shit the white thrash kkk sheriff got his posse of criminals in these plots been doing these crimes for the 6th year now started 2012. the police and criminals to stupid to realize these videos evidence to show my harassment can be used against them later.. these very evil demonic people involved in these crime sold their soul to the devil with my own family look they all will be in hell together this the devils program. i had a animal control vehicle here on 3rd of jan caller gave him a fake name alabama power was here today jan 6, 2017 0845hrs on a bogus call possibly gangstalking looking for these folks power out ,yes power was out the dam house burn down a month ago so it was a bs call here is the proof video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9lLsf9a7qRI (A RECORDING VIDEO MY SISTER EXPOSED IN THIS CHILD PORN PLOT FOR THE SHERIFF)THE SHERIFF CONSPIRING TO COVER UP HIS AND MY SISTER CRIME WITH OTHER CRIMINALS INVOLVED HIDING REPORTS AND FILES TO COVER UP THIS CHILD PORN AND PEDOPHILE RING RING OPERATION MAJOR CORRUPTION IN MOBILE COUNTY ALABAMA CONSIST OF POLICE OFFICERS,KKK MEMBERS,WHITE SUPREMACY,UNCLE TOMS, MY FAMILY,POWER,PHONE UTILITY,FIRE DEPT,WATER SERVICE, COUNTY EMPLOYEE,ALL KINDS OF CRIMINALS BAMA GATE BURNING IS JUST LIKE PIZZA GATE A RING OF PEDOPHILES CRIMINALS AND POLICE OFFICERS . https://winstonherman17.wordpress.com/2017/01/04/a-recording-videothe-sheriff-conspiring-to-cover-up-his-and-my-sister-crime-with-other-criminals-involved-hiding-reports-and-files-to-cover-up-this-child-porn-and-pedophile-ring-ring-operation/


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