racist/kkk sheriff Samuel Cochran, operation using new pattern always new tricks black crack heads in vans to gangstalk. christmas eve dec 24,2016 0653hrs had a red dodge caravan santa the crack head not santa on a sled with deer and yesterday had a blue dodge caravan 1055hrs dec 23,2016 both vans been to the crack house its like the vans on automatic polite just like night rider no need to be stalking the vans knows the way to crack road highway buy gps lol. these criminals being used by the sheriff then they go to the crack house where drugs been provided by the sheriff and his deputies the same drugs took off street given to crack house to give to the crack heads to stalk and harass me meth and crack and other substances this been going on 5yrs from 2012 -2016. the deputies have hung out at the family crack houses with white supremacy member from kkk bases set up by the sheriff birds of a feather who flock together doing the same thing thats what the old folks say all guilty of same crimes against me some of these deputies not only evil demonic they on drugs doing these crazy plots.these drug houses can operate 24/7 with approval by the sheriff just like he approve of his metro sheriff/kkk bases to operate 24/7 this is a major criminal operation with much corruption inside the mobile county sheriff dept . i always heard tom purvis was corrupted as a sheriff well he hid his corruption, because you didnot see it in the open you heard about it so may have not been true. not this crazy ass sheriff very demonic doing his crimes right out in the open using his kkk member stalking everyday and his drug criminals and his corrupted deputies to commit crimes a danger to all society how can he allow kkk bases and crack house to operated today he is running this shit needs to be shut down his ass kicked out of office most corrupted sheriff in the usa right here in mobile county lie, make crimes up, falsify paper work and crime we got a proven corrupted klansman not aleader trying to cover up his child porn fabricated crime made up on me with his deputies other criminals ,my own family involved this would not only make local news,but international news around the world modern day terrorist involved in drugs and crimes america”s most corrupted sheriff is in mobile county alabama, saint elmo, alabama is burning


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