gangstalking noise campaign the motorcycle klansman night rider satanist from hell. i got these dumb ass kkk on a loud motorcycle speed up and down the road out here stalking in front of house 1852hrs and 1902hrs was coming back pull camera out he made a u turn at 1905.. this the sheriff boyz.he was coming back when i pull the camera made him change his mind acting the dam fool. creating a noise campaign made a u turn making his third run saw me and the camera had to laugh at this fool.. these folks just evil,satanic demonic just like that lying ass sheriff sam cochran, lying crook con man from hell lie make crimes up on me to put me on the news a ex-cop done this how many other folks you done this too he will do the same to you expose his plot using my family to take child porn picture of a family child hack put the pictures on my computer send them around i expose all them hide the dam case and report hide me from news media cancel them when i called them in 2014 a evil crook trying to hide the truth a inside job just like 9/11 want to put me in mental ward for exposing secret plot you make some shit up me like that you started world war 3, he being a secret society white power nut with the rest of his evil kkk brothers been in the area 5yrs running these evil demonic bases these criminals up and down the road everyday stalking committing crimes 5yrs.


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