(ALABAMA BURNING) WELL THIS STORY BELOW IS FROM 1981 MY STORY IS RIGHT NOW TODAY DEC21,2016 YOU CAN SEE MOBILE ALABAMA AND MOBILE COUNTY ALABAMA HAS HAD A WHITE SUPREMACY PROBLEM FOR YEARS .I BE NOT THE ONLY VICTIM OF THEIR CRIMES I GOT THE MOBILE COUNTY SHERIFF INVOLVED IN THESE GROUPS I EXPOSE THEM SOME OF THEIR DEPUTIES RETIRED AND LEFT THAT DEPARTMENT THE SHERIFF SAM COCHRAN IS THE GRAND WIZZARD HERE SO HE THANK HE CAN DO THE FUCK AS HE PLEASE MAKE UP CRIMES ON FOLKS JUST LIKE HE DONE ME HARASS AND STALK TRY TO KILL ME THESE ARE THUGS MORE DANGEROUS THAN ISIS NOW SEE MY YOUTUBE SEE THESE EVIL DEMONIC WHITE POWER DEVILS USING A FEW GOOD UNCLE TOMS TO HELP THEM I BEEN STANDING MY GROUND SINCE JULY2014 https://www.youtube.com/user/tigermoses1 Hear about the Donald v. United Klans of America case and the murder of Michael Donald from History Museum of Mobile Curator, Scotty Kirkland. Michael Donald, a young African American man who was murdered by two Ku Klux Klan members in Mobile, AL, in 1981. The murder is sometimes referred to as the last recorded lynching in the United States. The two men who murdered Donald were arrested, tried, and convicted for the murder. One of them was sentenced to death and executed in 1997. The incident is probably best known for bankrupting the United Klans of America after a wrongful death suit against them on behalf of Donald’s mother. video for this story https://youtu.be/jLfVavMXEZg



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