i had gangstalker and house fire stalking the next day the kkk sheriff and crooks more tricks dec 12,2016 we had the house fire and the kkk in a truck gangstalking at the same time very strange incident. today we get a white truck out here gangstalking in the area at 1411hrs a marked sheriff vehicle come at 1350hrs part of this plot headed to the kkk base comeback 1414hrs help set the the dam plot up.i had them out here gangstalking in a mark unit on dec8.2016 at 1408hrs also. these devils mad i exposed the plot from last night so they must act the fool..i be a ex-cop and targeted individual a victim of the mobile county sheriff and his deputies,kkk, other criminals use my family to help make up/ fabricated child porn plot on me put this on my computer by hacking sent it to other criminals trying to hide case and police report now corruption. its big money in this mk-ultra program they will lie and kill you. i had enough of their bs moving back to kentucky never coming back to bama they created this secret plot ,but my god help me to expose these devils been standing my ground for justice since july 2014 with two dogs very little support we must stop these evil plots and crimes by the police protect the future of all mankind shut these mk-ultra/gangstalking programs down . its many sheriff depiuties mobile county and police officers at mobile police dept with other criminals know these two cowarts had this plot made up and fabricated on me dont be afraid time for you to speak up dont be scared of these two cowarts sons of hitler, war criminals sheriff sam cochran and david wilhelm, go to the news and other government report these two war criminals they only looking to harm other folks have hurt so many people.well we dealing with the devil the stuff they doing operating with white supremacy i exposed now trying to use a few uncle toms to make their status look good. i ask god to knock these two demons off their feet sons of satan and pharoahs children may the red sea depart consume these two devils with other criminal thugs of pharoahs army into the red sea they must be stopped these evil devils care for no man soul very evil,wicked,racist,hateful evil,two sorry excuses for white men need to be kicked out the white race thrash from hell wearing a police uniform hiding behind walls with mask on hiding their horns on their heads and their kkk robes and hoods raven wolves dressed in sheep clothing ready to attack anybody they say i look like a sheep but i be a wolf and a devil mobile county alabama is burning folks scared of me, man two losers in life a nobody but two kkk members when they take their hoods and robes off they go back to being your sheriff and chief deputy with other kkk members inside this sheriff dept in hoods and robes. a white power group 90% corrupted. see 3 videos from last night gangstalking kkk truck and house fire at same time.


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