This what i be doing creating change set up for crimes and fabricated crimes along the way trying to bring change to the evil government establishment using gangatalking and mk-ultra program against innocent victims destroying their life and the quality of life.i have heavy targeting,because i exposed the u.s. army corruption at mobbed/stalked of my federal job.i exposed corruption inside the mobile police dept and the mobile county sheriff dept creating crimes for me a white supremacy group of deputies working with other criminals and kkk members. so what have you done for change,or exposed ? i done my part now do your part dont be a cowart . i been standing my ground since 2014 fighting the evil system of police corruption with my evil family, the evil FBI help cover this crime up for the army and the police so i create change everyday i expose these witches and demonic killer cops and serial killers going around killing and harming innocent folks we must stop this global domestic covert see herman winston free tv. video below FBI CORRUPTION


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