well folks this be very true in my case lost my family to this demonic program of mk-ultra and gangstalking i got nobody to support and help me at times, but i want you to know god stayed with me. i be standing my ground for fabricated crimes against all people we need justice put in jail its many victims innocent set up on made up crimes and child porn, by the racist kkk ass sheriff mobile county,alabama is burning,police and your family,because you speak the truth and they soul their soul to the devil well your family standing back watching this evil like a parade and getting involved with the evil work of the devil the kkk,police,other criminals this happening to me saint elmo,alabama 20 miles north of the gulf of mexico,but i want you to know god stayed with me. i been standing my ground since july 2014 now see my you tube you will see what i be talking about amen. https://www.youtube.com/user/tigermoses1



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