I HAVE EXPOSE ALL KINDS OF HARASSMENT AND STALKING DONE TO ME 24/7 7DAYS AWEEK NOTHING TO DIRTY TO DO TO ME AT ALL. OVER 5YRS SHOWN ON MY YOUTUBE VIDEOS.I BE DEALING WITH A KKK RACIST SHERIFF A CRIMINAL EMPIRE OF CORRUPTION BEEN TRYING TO PUSH ME OVER THE EDGE JUST LIKE THIS MAN IN TEXAS. I BEEN FIGHTING FOR JUSTICE ALABAMA BURNING TRYING TO PUSH ME OVER THE EDGE LIKE THIS MAN YOU CAN CLEARLY SEE ITS CRIMINAL TO ME THE GOAL TO COVER UP POLICE CORRUPTION INSIDE THE MOBILE COUNTY SHERIFF DEPT. I BE NOT CRAZY HAD A LOT OF EVIL DONE TO ME GOT EVIDENCE THIS HAPPENING I EXPOSE THIS WHOLE PROGRAM.I BE DEALING WITH FAMILY CRIMINALS AND OTHER CRIMINALS TRASH FROM HELL FROM ALL WALK OF LIFE GOAL TO GET THIS FEDERAL GOVERNMENT MK-ULTRA FDA MONEY SECRET SOCIETY DEVIL /DEMON FUNDS. THIS INFORMATION BELLOW FROM POSTED STORY MAY 31,2016 ORIGINALLY STORY. I wonder if this man was a targeted individual he was in the u.s. army a vet.these gangstalking mk-ultra program destroy many peoples lives.i be a victim of this evil 13 years at mobile police officer and on every other job for years.i went back into the u.s. army reserves to take a federal job,2008.i was gangstalked harassed off my federal army job and reserve unit at ft.knox,ky.i have had this evil harassment for years these evil policeman,soldiers other cult members try to push me over the edge to do some so I took to youtube to expose these crimes. i had crimes made up on me by my family 2014, coached by the police and kkk member.the major plot I was leaving Alabama ,so the police kkk,other family members big money and house.these dummies took pictures of my sister daughter( child porn) put them on my computer emailing them to kkk/ police cult members god help me to expose the plot going to put me in jail for fabricated crime ,could not push me over the edge with gangstalking and harassment so made child porn.i went the fuck off push my button and started a war. the mobile county sheriff sam Cochran,and his deputies hiding the crime and police report made the fuck up help coach my mother and sister to have me locked up for being crazy you got to be dam crazy doing this crazy shit to be exposed by me these demons cult member still stalking me today may30,2016. see my youtube I say no more https://www.youtube.com/user/tigermoses1 and https://winstonherman17.wordpress.com check this guy out a friend former fbi agent dealing with same evil crimes. http://sosbeevfbi.com/


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