nov 7,2016,935am day before super tuesday you can see a pattern see other videos you can see this truck drive on video this link he was told to pull this plot. the man has been in other gangstalking plot with other folks no stranger to this evil program.the man walks to my perp ass uncle elmers house and walk back to truck drive back up road nothing wrong with truck.. these programs use all kind of folks crackheads,drug dealers,pimps,whores,policeman,police officers wife and kids ,old ass folks,uncle toms see them all walking ,driving,on bicycles,motorcycles. i had a lil kkk on a horse hiding at my uncles house at night ride by i go outside the lone klansmen on horse back ride away.these folks on a mission to help cover up this child porn fabricated crime my sister rosie created taking pictures of her own 16yr old daughter now she 18 yrs old adult now when i was leaving alabama never coming back the mobile county sheriff his staff and deputies all involved in this plot with kkk other criminal wanted this fda federal funding so they made a crime up on me this is major corruption. i dont play they started a dam war here pulling this shit.i been standing my ground since june 2014 its now nov 2016. well you cant let these folks make shit up on you these folks stalked soon as i moved back from ft.knox,ky but was stalking me up there this shit follow me from alabama,but nothing like this kkk ass police harassment my sister had her daughter on speaker saying dealy shit i was outside i was ready to go could not trust nobody all involved in this bs got my 80yr old mother involved lying helping to cover this crime up to keep all these folks out of jail off the news. the sheriff is hiding the police report saying i made this up along with my perp family ,but i got facts and folks know this crime took place i need justice so much corruption in mobile county alabama kkk /sheriff sam cochran my main perp pushing this evil program alabama burning.we got police judges,lawyers all kind of government folks involved in this evil ass program major corruption here just no respect a bunch of demonic fools driven by demons serial killer cops and kkk gangstalkers,i have no help in the middle of the wilderness with two large dogs you can see them on my youtube videos from 2013 we catch hell hard to get food ,or anything the devil has really turn against me surpose to be family here but its not surrounded by the enimies all decided to get involved in this evil program sold their soul to the devil all sitting back watching these criminal cops,kkk other criminal stalk and harass me like its a dam parade not gonna help for 5 dam years. well somebody outside here can watch these folks from outside and see they not gonna help so you know you cant trust them looking at my situation stay away from them you can you can id the perps and family devils just going along with corruption just like the fbi in the hillary clinton case cover up. i have showed you my evil world of stalking , harassment and corruption from the last five years look at videos go back to 2012 to current year and date is my evil sister shooting bird at me her and another lady stalking me very evil two months ago. . well she was out here stalking last week i was talking to a man trying like hell to cover up her and the sheriffs child porn crime fabricated against me hiding the case.. see


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