I HERMAN WINSTON recall seeing this man of god he was a preacher who traveled with Rev. R.W. Schambach tent revival crusade around the usa. i recall speaking and talkig to this man of god. Ronald Coyne was prayed for by a lady evangelist who didn’t know he had a plastic eye. The evangelist prayed for him to receive his sight in Jesus’ Name, and a miracle happened. From that time, he could see through an empty socket, with his “good” eye taped over in every way possible. This video is was recorded from a TV show hosted by skeptics. We recorded this video over 20 years ago in Florida after my dad had the opportunity to meet Mr. Coyne. This VHS tape came into my possession recently, and I hope to preserve it here for posterity. Unfortunately, there is no more to this video. story link buy video http://www.johnhamelministries.org/ronald_coyne_testimony_video.htm


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