this man rather klansman been out here five years you will see second white truck pass him coming back part of kkk plot. he come back 2 hours later stalking i recorded with hand held camera he got lost trick or treat your ass on video.he been with the rest of these evil folks since sheriff sam cochran and his chief deputy david wilhelm put these two klan white power bases in operation had cis man deputy click bailey running these bases until i exposed him as a kkk member with the sheriff and other deputies he left the area retired from the sheriff dept and other kkk members left the area they where at this location by the hundreds of demonic folks this road looked like a major highway,or interstate all kinds of criminals.the sheriff involved he and many more of these folks gonna be kkk members along with his deputies.these evil fuckers where stalking in mark patrol car and criminals kkk members in other vehicles. this been evil racist hate crime comitted against me and fabricated crimes well you cant trust sheriff sam cochran and chief deputy david wilhelm they both dangerous lyers say they fired me from mobile p.d. had me listed as gay to keep me out army 2008 and had me listed as fired could not a security clearance top secret for military.. they lying again involved in my crimes helping cover up this child porn plot because the sheriff and his deputies involved god help me to expose them had my sister took pictures of her daughter and the sheriff made a deal with my 80yrs old mother took her to use, because she was old told her they would build her a new house and give her money if she went along with the computer child porn pot,where my sister hacked my computer emailed pictures to other gangstalkers and policeman. i was leaving going back to kentucky to never return back to this area. well god showed me this evil was going to happen my own folks turn against me they wanted money didnot want me to leave put me in jail to be killed tell folks i was a cop child molester,took pictures of a child god let me see this so i would be a fool going to jail no justice made up crime.i had a man of god connected with my spirit told me everything god showed me it verified i be chosen by god and he was a real man of god knew nothing about my situation and saw all the evil around me and the evil my own family took part in helping to destroy my life this why i be here now gods in control help me to expose theses crimes and help me to expose white supremacy in the area inside the mobile county sheriff dept. i worked around these same klansman at the mobile police dept. i along with some other black officer had some ideas about some of these cops racist and klansman. well they brought a few black uncle toms in now to make that kkk operation look good,but its the same folks behind this operation man this some dothan alabama police dept klans ass white supremacy operations going on that was in the news. i been standing my ground since july 2014 this crazy ass kkk sheriff been running his evil operation since jan 2012 now its oct 31,2016 alabama is burning.he still running these evil operation look at videos this evil man has got on the time machine gone back to the past 50s and 60s full of racist evil fueled by the kkk hate inside his soul.


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