these folks saw the road was sent on a mission had gangstalkers driving by from kkk base while in front of house. the plan hope i go the fuck off a attempt to help my sister cover her crime up fabricated child porn she created for the sheriff and kkk,stalkers and other criminals.i had three incidents in the last five days same manner folks come here telling the same old story singing the same old bs song.i had them pull these lies and plots in the past same lie story and song so these folks not innocent its a lot of devils and witches involved in these crimes. there goal now starve me to death no food turn all my help away to help cover up my sister crime ,because the sheriff and many other players involved all their asses need to be on the news and in jail this a major news story some folks in modern days and time would not thank this evil could be possible ,but i got it all caught on video..well these people and my family working together to cover these crime up to get this FDA MONEY FEDERAL GRANT SECRET SOCIETY MONEY just like that government snitch and informant money tax free under the table radar giving free money to the evil demons to set you up for crimes for this program.i have exposed this whole program 100% you see my youtube wordpress its fact and evidence folks never seen before around the world. its 2016 and you got a racist/kkk evil sheriff running 2 kkk bases for five years somebody need to shut this mf down with these terrorist it looks like some racist evil civil right crimes from the 50s and 60s during dr.martin luther king jr. time for change alabama is burning..well if some did happen to these evil folks you see i have exposed still got evil coming to my face and house not me looking for trouble.a bunch of demonic evil satanist at large a danger to society killing and commiting crimes getting away with crimes in the usa.i have had crimes committed against me five year the sheriff dont investigate he part of the problem or, contributing to the problem helping to make and fabricated crimes up on me.i be a ex cop i cant trust law enforcement ,or the criminal justice system in mobile county alabama you got judges,da lawyer all kinds of folks involved with these demonic programs its all corrupted government all want to get this federal money and you wonder why you have folks attack policeman you dont get the real story lot of them being stalked followed set up for crime by cops and their black op gangstalkers working to destroy innocent victims lives.i heard officer say on car to car radio that a officer was off duty working black ops tonight rather gangstalking did not know what it ment.i as a cop i thought it was like special operation unit that patrol government housing area to prevent crime on the federal weed and seed grant community oriented policing program. well my whole dam family is involved all these folks right around me not helping causing trouble to help cover this child porn made up on me to put me in jail i was leaving going back north .i was never gonna comeback here to deal with this evil and bs.well my sister almost lost her life pulling this shit god stop me never saw nothing like this god revealed to me last week to go to genesis 22 verse 9,10,11,12,. the same thing happen in bible days ABRAHAM and his son Isaac read it for yourself.the bible got 66, books,but this where god told me to read. well my sister still being a evil devil need to be in church stop doing evil if it was not for god she would not be here time for her to tell the truth,because god let me know he gonna deal with her for telling these lies he said she has not got away stand still you will see the presence of gods can run, but you cant hide from god.


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