THESE EVIL FUCKERS THE POLICE,KKK , GANGSTALKERS HACKED TOOK MY PAPERS OFF MY GOOGLE PLUS HAD A LOT MORE FORMS ONLINE MY GOOGLE PLUS this show you how these evil kkk criminal cops can destroy your life paper work that say these folks full of lies. this kkk ass sheriff and his deputies along with mobile police falsify documents saying i was fired they pull this shit when you a targeted individual.i left the police dept in god standing to work for united nations international police force they found away to fuck this up with every other police job i applied for. i got a florida police certification state certified they fuck that up also.i got a lawyer wanted money he made a deal to get my job back i let alabama went north every job i was on was dangerous because i was a ex-cop with the police smear campaigne to harass me i was fired all kind of derogatory bs false information no facts to destroy my life.i went back into u.s. army reserves at to take a military tech job.i got the jobin 2008 got in the military these ass hole put i was gay to keep me out of the army not true if i was it was my dam business .i met with a federal agent to do my background check to get a security clerance.he ask why i was fired from the mobile police dept. had me down as a drug dealer all kinds of fabricated shit coming from sam cochran and david wilhelm had this shit sent out from internal affairs at mobile police dept they know this shit was not true. these two kkk ass jack ass at the mobile county sheriff dept causing problems now for me.. i could not get a top secret security clerance because they had me listed as fired could not get into military police unit,or military CID unit neither aviation unit.i had problems on my federal job and army reserve unit part of being a targeted individual. i got some papers from my federal job i file with union complaint about refused to consider me for a supervisor job and i was mobbed and gangstalked off my federal job see what the state of kentucky said when they investigated my work place thank god somebody spoke up.i got a form from city hall to go to florida police academy told city councilman at mayor offices i was having problems with police dept stopping me from getting a job and i needed a letter i didnot want to fuck with them wanted to move on with my life didnot want that job back he ask if i wanted to go back.. he had a lady in the mayors office pull my file made me a letter i got into academy ok they fucked every thing up again no job.well you can read and see its a pattern of corruption. i got a letter from mobile county personel board sent to me and mayor saying i left in god standings. i got the letter from kkk ass sam the klan cochran refuse to give me a leave of absence done it for other cops i was targeted by these evil fuckers would not grant a leave of abscene had to resign. these fuckers been fucking with me ever since i left the police dept and was targeted on the inside of the police dept as a cop. i come back to alabama 2012 this stupid ass kkk ass sherif set up two kkk bases had his klansman and deputies gangstalking harassing me you can see this on my youtube. and facebbok link show more forms (ADDED JAN 7,2017) ( YOU GONNA SEE ALL IN A MINUTE WATCH THIS POST THIS SHOWS YOU HOW FUCKED UP RACIST FOLKS CAN SCREW YOUR LIFE AND CAREER UP FALSIFY PAPER WORK SAY THEY FIRED YOU.I WAS TARGETED INDIVIDUAL POLICE OFFICER MY WHOLE 13YRS THEIR ALL KINDS OF TRICKS AND PLOTS JUST LIKE YOU SEE TODAY. I WAS READY TO MOVE ON NEVER GO BACK THERE HOW THEY SCREWED ME UP ALL KINDS OF WAY THATS WHY I BE STANDING MY GROUND SINCE 2014 AT WAR STAND UP AND FIGHT FOR WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN AND YOU KNOW ITS RIGHT THATS THE ONLY WAY WE CAN BRING CHANGE TO STOP THESE EVIL DEMONIC LYING WAR CRIMINALS I KNOW TO MUCH STILL EXPOSING THESE DEVIL THANK GOD.)WELL THESE EVIL FOLKS HAD MY GOOGLE PLUS HACKED AND LOCKED UP FOR A REASON SO YOU COULD NOT SEE MY PAPER WORK HOW I LEFT MPD ITS MAJOR CORRUPTION SAYING I WAS FIRED THIS WHITE SUPREMACY BUNCH SHERIFF SAMUEL COCHRAN AND DAVID WILHELM, TWO DANGEROUS KILLERS HAVE KILLED FOLKS GOT ME ON THEIR HIT LIST FOR YEARS,THESE FUCKERS HAD MY SISTER ROSIE TAKE ALL 100 COPIES OF THIS PAPER WORK OUT THE HOUSE.I HAD MADE A PRINT SHOP TO HIDE THE TRUTH AND FALSIFY ORIGINAL COPIES. THE SAME SISTER TOOK PICTURES OF HER CHILD FOR THEM TRYING TO SET ME UP FOR CHILD PORN FOR THESE EVIL DEVILS. HERE IS THE LINK GOOGLE PLUS PAPERS ON LINK ABLE TO GET INTO LOCKED UP HACKED PAGE HERE WE AND AND AND AND AND



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