the kkk ass sheriff here was voted and approved by the mobile county government commisoners to get a tank so he can run over targeted victims like me with his tank him and his corrupted ass klan deputies a danger to society getting all this government equipment giving some to his white power brothers of the white supremacy the kkk to use against targeted victims. the sheriff sam cochran still operating his kkk bases in the area got his deputies and kkk brothers stalking and harassing me up and down the road everyday today is oct 28,2016 been going on since jan 2012 going on five years this stupid ass sheriff has got on the time machine going back into the 50s and 60s showing his racist ass kkk ass ways a secret society group of evil men all part of the illuminati a group of devils working for satan the kkk fall into this group with the masons and eastern star the moorers of the devil. here is a news story link and now look what the fuck these evil mf been doing to me on youtube. i be a ex cop and army vet i know the criminals and cops behind these plots and terrorist acts on my youtube


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