NO AMERICAN MAJOR NEWS MEDIA REPORTS ON THIS MAN STORY ONLY RT NEWS.The family of CIA whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling is demanding he receive immediate medical treatment in prison for a serious heart condition. Those calls have largely gone unanswered. His wife, Holly Sterling, tells RT America’s Anya Parampil that prison officials will now consider having a cardiac specialist see her husband, but it may take up to a month for that to happen.A TARGETED INDIVIDUAL JEFFERY STERLING, he is being refused medical treatment because he is in this dam evil program for speaking up and speaking out the reason he is in prison.he should have gone to Russia just like Edward snowden ask for asylum would have been safe we dealing with a rigged corrupted criminal justice system no justice in the usa. you see my youtube when the kkk and the police working with them can run at large being terrorist in the usa you know the system has fail you and broken..


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