this gonna be the first information I found in 2012 when I located a gps tracking in my mouth 3, months after I left my army reserve unit and federal army job at ft.knox,ky rather gangstalked mobbed off my job this would be true.i rented a car drove from Alabama through missisippi on I-10 into downtown new Orleans tracked all the way on this gps tooth device many folks have these devices without knowledge and consent.i exposed this first with help from god secret no more. I will add a video of me being tracked in rental car in comments….An apparatus and method for remotely and monitoring the location of a person through a microchip mounted in a tooth of a person which communicates by a communication link to a Global Positioning System to obtain geographic location information relating to the physical location of a person, and by another communication link to a remote tracking device to obtain the geographic information to determine and provide an indication of the physical location of a person. The microchip is disposed in a cavity formed in a tooth of a person which is filled with dental filling material to fix the microchip in the tooth. go to this link below and my youtube to see more and


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