the drug dealers was part of this plot playing car broke down,pull vehicle from area with another vehicle the story of criminals and cops working together Alabama corruption . then this plot set up pull in front of the house.a gray 4 door grand am driven by the sheriff dept was working with drug dealers part of this plot. this vehicle look at the center of car doors begining of video you will see like a gold logo on the car when I first open house door stop video at 00:3 seconds you will see not clear from glare projected by some kind device ,or drone to display marked sheriff vehicle then cut projection off like the vehicle cloked are changed to another car the camera picks up some of the projection before being cut off this showed up good on this gray car( holographic projection systems devices on the market to use to pull off plots here is just a example of a project product out there and ) . this vehicle had been in area harassment shining spot lite on house and cameras .the car has siren and blue lights so this maybe a special undercover vehicle to gangstalk,undercover bull shit.i exposed this vehicle they got lost with this vehicle deputy ken smith was driving this vehicle a major terrorist gangstalker these devils trying to cover up this child porn case made up by the sheriff and my family hiding the dam case I exposed on them in 2014..the plot had other folks involved you will see vehicles drive by blow horn.well sheriff sam the klan Cochran and his kkk operation he set up two locations 1 mile from the house saint elmo,alabama will never be the same after setting up two white power kkk metro-klan /sheriff dept bases Alabama burning you can see my video the kkk out stalking at large in private vehicles and police vehicles.


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