I got these dumbass cops and gangstalkers in living color exposed this whole program to be set up by my own family and police with crimes to save this evil program and money.i been standing my ground for change since 2014. with very little help,or support after exposing this program we got government agents and police officers, targeted individual turn perp and agent as well online preventing me from getting support not targeted individuals planted inside this community to keep you in this evil program not part of my dream to end this evil program.well look around you i.d. these folks if they bad mouthing me they government agents you can i.d. these agents all races ask them where their evidence and what have they exposed not a fucking thing don’t want you to expose nothing either. you see my work how I exopose these crimes look listen to the message not the messenger you will be able to i.d. these government agents try it told you how to find these folks. now see my youtube evidence https://www.youtube.com/user/tigermoses1



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