well was this lawyer targeted,because, lawyer Myron may, was targeted and gangstalked very heavy. I sent him my you youtube and wordpress on facebook. he say his level of stalking was bad as mine before he went to fsu we got 2 lawyers. these evil folks been trying to kill me set me up over 30yrs as a cop and not a cop moved back from ft.knox,ky. the sheriff set up a kkk operation with his deputies hiding behind his badge and his office using the klan his brotherhood of white power got no shame he a racist white trash klansmen lowest white trash of all time lower than the deep sea to stupid to shut his operation down because he is a klansmen still stalking today started jan 2012 could not get me use my family to make crimes up on me in 2014.oh yes he uses some black uncle toms to help hide his racist klan operation and roots. I been standing my ground I aint afraid of that thrash and he know it. 2016 sept now .I had all kinds of plots stalking tainted food.holes drilled in food cans chemical other substance put inside sealed and welded up to kill me cause medical problems these criminals even used ups/fed ex drivers in these plots directed by the sheriff sam Cochran,chief deputy david Wilhelm,dick cash dollar ex public safety director these his boys all three klansmen..behind my harassment and stalking been trying to push me over the edge want me to go the fuck off just like this lawyer trying to make me a Manchurian candidate, this stalking happens god help me to expose these devil on youtube the klan and police behind a lot of these plots and you wonder why people target the police look at my you tube you will see why they bring a lot of this shit on themselves I be a ex-cop can proudly say this because this true more dangerous than isis nothing more than a bunch of serial killers who are gangstalkers going around killing targeted victims for big money . link for shooting lawyer http://www.cbc.ca/news/world/houston-shooting-1.3778752 my youtube https://www.youtube.com/user/tigermoses1


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