Prichard Police Sgt. Robert Golden we may possibly have a targeted individual police officer Robert golden, here set up in this plot.the officers horse was stolen the mobile county sheriff dept was at this lady property about the horse earlier could have worked with other criminals put this horse on the ladys property.the officer found his horse on this ladies property went the fuck off not supporting him going off attacking the lady just saying he may have been set up.well its a lot of corruption inside the mobile county sheriff dept white power deputies kkk ties.the sheriff sam the klan Cochran and his chief deputy david the klan Wilhelm very dangerous they get it in for you will set you up and harass you get you killed we dealing with the devil they done this same shit to me.i exposed these criminals on youtube connected with kkk stalking harassing me exposed the whole program like nobody ever seen to be set up for a child porn plot and deal made with my family to take pictures of my sisters 15 yr old daughter.i exposed this plot these evil folks tried to kill me ,because I threaten the sheriff dept and family in 2014. I was going to news media.i went the fuck off trying to say I be crazy the pictures was never taken the sheriff dept hiding the report folks would be in jail the sheriff would be out of office out the door.i had a plot before child porn plot I was leaving my family Alabama could not trust them and the sheriff dept. going to Kentucky never ever coming back this why they gamble made this plot.i cant get no justice in mobile county so much corruption.i been standing my ground since 2014 not gonna take their bs making crimes up on me,because I expose them not sorry for doing so will do it again in the name of many targeted individual victims being set up for fabricated crimes. I had a former police officer become a lawyer john wayne boone, told me to never go back to mpd they would try to set me up the hated me and did not like him either we were both outspoked. he did not want to deal with them trying to help me file a law suit,because they cause him so much trouble before he left the dept.boone knew the danger of these folks so he warned me never go back.i moved back from ft.knox,ky to saint elmo,Alabama 2012 all hell broke loose boone was right about these devils see my youtube. the plots these evil sheriff and his deputies pull with other criminals. I be not taking up for this officer just showing how evil these secret society demons will set you up for crimes very sad this happens all the time. now click the link read story UPDATE MARCH 26,2017 HE WAS ARRESTED AGAIN THIS LINK FOR NEWS STORY HEAR WHAT HE HAS TO SAY ON THE NEWS .


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