I got new videos posted on youtube to expose the corruption of the blue klux klan aka killer gangstalking cops with their other demonic criminals harassing me.these devils working hard to cover up this child porn case fabricated on me april 2014. I exposed the players told my family I was going to the news pulls some evil shit on me to destroy me. I will list the players my family took pictures others involved mobile county sheriff sam the klan Cochran,his chief deputy david the klan Wilhelm,captain rassie smith he died was a player,sheriff deputies along with the kkk group on McCullough rd. saint elmo,alabama run by retired deputy click bailey he left the area after I exposed his klan ass running the operation with kkk and his family members some cops,jeff McCullough, dockside construction company all got a active role in this plot and harassment.its many more utility companies involved if I left you out please feel free to add your names and company in the comments thank you.the harassment started jan 2012 soon as i moved back here after i was gangstalked and mobbed off my federal job and my army reserve unit at ft.knox,ky. my goal was to expose these crime i done so to be set up on plot now standing my ground since 2014 freedom for all targeted individuals around the world its 2016 now need justice agaist these corrupted criminals destroying peoples lives.



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