these evil fools will do anything use their kids train them to do gangstalking and bully other kids in school.the sheriff sam cochran , got his deputies using their children and grand children. well my family used children to talk on speaker kkk/sheriff remote speaker in the joe plot run to police to say I said something made up.i confront them tell them to shut this bs down making shit up on me.i was leaving Alabama could not trust my own sisters using my mother in plot. these devils wanted me off youtube I was exposing them and program really bad to save the future of this gangstalking/mk-ultra program and big money in the millions of dollars. the next thing get with the sheriff and kkk help make up a child porn plot sister took pictures of her kids saying I done this crime a deal for money/ new house,because game was over I be leaving Alabama.i told them to stop this shit would not back up don’t be a fool this kind of shit will get you killed you better thank if this worth losing your life making plots up because you sold your sold to the devil you die you get no money god not gonna always look out for your stupid ass.i stopped 2,men from killing you when you pull a gun out on them in 2012,by talking to them then you get on the phone with the sheriff ,because I exposed your plot involving the sheriff dept/kkk I need to be committed to mental ward because I exposed your plot doing shit to me you created a dam war for all involved,then the police trying to hide report ,because of this major corruption inside the mobile county sheriff dept need to make major news headlines this why I be at war with these demons standing my ground.. .i got a good friend in Kentucky this same shit happen to her uncle made up child porn shit made up crime he go to jail 8 yrs not guilty get out of jail these evil fuckers kill him.he was a white male targeted individual the police would not investigate part of the plot involved in his crimes this happen to a lot of victims set up for crime and killed by these demon gangstalker and killer cops. a former fbi agent ted gunderson, killed by these evil folks call these folk Satanist sacrifice kill many people every year for the government. he never call them gangstalkers,perps and killer cops listen to him close you may miss the information .the sad thing these folks will be your future police officer Satanist on the job we already got many in place. I be a ex-cop started for me as a police officer so you can call me a expert on these evil cop crimes just look at my youtube and wordpress facts nothing but facts.


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