this white woman and white man look very evil and the man looked like a cop pretty sure he was out here acting like a clown very crazy.these are some of the crazy vehicle stalking tatics used by these demonic gangstalkers a very evil group of people will do almost anything to a targeted victim to get you mad,or upset a agent of the devil and government agent.i have had other gangstalkers pull these same crazy ass evil vehicle tatics on the roadway these folks a danger to other drivers have saw some close call incident almost wrecks .if somebody get hurt in a crash because of these fools a lawyer needs to go after mobile county sheriff sam the klan Cochran, and his deputies along with his kkk posse members.look at these crazy ass deputies in mark units gangstalking close call . these folks been doing this evil shit since jan 2012 its now june 2016 a long dam time being evil.


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