( WELL YALL ,OR YOU ALL NEVER FORGET I BE STILL WORKING TO EXPOSE THESE EVIL CRIME TO SET ALL TARGETED INDIVIDUALS FREE AROUND THE WORLD. I BE NOT FREE NOW STANDING MY GROUND ON A ONE MAN MOVEMENT VERY LITTLE HELP. THIS IS THE REASON I WAS SET UP FOR CHILD PORN CRIME THE POLICE/GOVERNMENT WANTED ME TO STOP EXPOSING THIS PROGRAM ON YOUTUBE USED MY FAMILY TO HELP TO SAVE THESE EVIL PROGRAMS AND BLOOD MONEY.I WANT TO THANK YOU FEW PEOPLE HAVE HELP ME GOD BLESS YOU.WE WILL ALL HAVE SUNSHINE WITH A RAINBOW AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL FOR PEACE AND LOVE WITH NO MORE EVIL GANGSTALKING)this lady was with other gangstalkers on the day june 6,2016 9:50am she stopped her vehicle working on a plot with other gangstalkers told her to stop a red Pontiac grand prix was stalking heavy along with another vehicle. this vehicle has been in a parade of gangstalkers with kkk and police group for a while this white truck. the group uses Asian folks even use some uncle toms to make them look good after .I expose the kkk involved uses my uncle tom family to help make shit up on me.well the sad thing this lady rides her kids around and stalk its others police officer bring their kids to stalk with other criminals making kids to be bullies to other chldreni in training to be a demonic gangstalker. I got some of these kids on video stalking with parents. I done a story on wordpress about another man other gangstalkers working plots in this same area.https://winstonherman17.wordpress.com/2016/05/16/mobile-county-sheriff-up-to-their-tricks-had-a-asian-male-gangstalking-in-4×4-red-nissan-was-blocking-road-in-front-of-house-gray-truck-had-to-drive-around-him-on-a-double-yellow-line-a-danger-a-tra/ and page link https://winstonherman17.wordpress.com/


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