THIS A GREAT LADY WANT TO HELP EVERYBODY AND TARGETED INDIVIDUALS CHECK HER OUT. 1.My candidacy represents restoring the United States Constitution against the Patriot Act and its’ successor legislation and updating the United States Constitution to reinforce the intent of the 1st (inclusive of 5th Estate Freedom of the Press – a shield law that will protect journalists against prosecution for refusal to reveal sources), 4th, 5th, 8th, 13th and 14th Amendments of the United States ConstitutionSlavery is back in America in a new form, namely, Remote Neural Monitoring Mind Control by means of satellite and GWEN Tower targeting among other platforms combined with COINTELPRO operations, the new post modern slavery that involves human trafficking. Cognitive mind control and behavior modification is inhuman, torturous and unconstitutional by any measure. Unaware, unknowing, non-consensual taxpayers are victimized by their inadvertent support and help to expand these dehumanizing and degrading social engineering programs that are ultimately intended to be extended to and deployed against innocent citizen victims worldwide on a mass scale resulting in the ultimate control of human beings by an unelected supranational elite whose intent is to control WE THE PEOPLE and our world.

My candidacy represents expanding the 13th Amendment to explicity include electromagnetic human behavior and cognitive control (mind control) as a form of human slavery. What freedom is there, I ask, if there is not the freedom to think one’s own thoughts free from interferance such as that from Voice to Skull (V2K) mind control technology, to be able to hold one’s own beliefs, to decide when to sleep, or not to sleep, to dream one’s own dream-state dreams, to experience one’s own emotional state, to own one’s own mental state, etc.? If these elements of being human are disrupted, or replaced by a deliberate act of substitution or destroyed by means of a technology, is it not a form of human slavery to be either knowingly or unknowingly forced to the mind and will of another who is in control of such technology? Today’s mind control technologies are capable of disrupting, replacing or destroying all of that in human beings. Innocent United States citizen victims of applied non-consensual mass mind control experimentation technologies experience those effects, and the numbers of people being targeted are dramatically increasing. My candidacy represents the constitutional reafirmation of our right to privacy, our right to “Due Process”, our right of “Habeas Corpus”, etc. all of which are under unconstitutional attack by a significnt number of elected federal representatives in power in our government who are owned by corporate money. These steps are urgent. America is in dire danger of losing her political, economic and environmental, judicial and legal sovereignty and independance to international banks and foreign corporations through transnational free trade agreements that are written by corporate attorney’s on behalf of corporations. For example, the Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade agreement (TPP) proposes to establish tribunals organized under the World Bank or the United Nations to be staffed by lawyers rotating between legal duties representing and advocating for corporations and legal duties acting as tribunal judges vested with the power to sue the sovereign government of the United States of America for compensation for lost investment capital claimed to have undermined investor expectations, and thereby, to have harmed the company(s) in which they had invested and to be compensated by our taxpayer dollars. Under the TPP, the United States government at all levels; federal, state, local as well as regulatory agencies would be able to be sued in challenges to, for example, Made-In-America laws or anti-tobacco laws or environmental regulations. America is signatory to 51 of 3,000 worldwide Investor-State Dispute Settlement aagreements. The ultimate goal of these corporate trade agreements is to wrest sovereign government control from sovereign governments and to usurp and transfer sovereign governmental powers to themselves effectively destroying the constitutional contract between WE THE PEOPLE and our government that is established under WE THE PEOPLE’s United States Constitution.
“Mind control is slavery”. My candidacy represents negotiations in the United Nations to amend the Declaration of Human Rights to ban this emerging new postmodern mind control slavery and human trafficking worldwide. Victims are trafficked from one mind control technology to another. Victims are also trafficked to networks of Counter Intelligence Program (COINTELPRO) operatives. COINTELPRO operations stem from the CIA’s infamous MK ULTRA program. Victims of mind control slavery who are open-fired upon by space energy weapons and dissected alive 24/7 are, additionally, violently, continuously exposed to COINTELPRO “mind war” games, “gaslighting”, (so called from the 1944 movie “Gaslight” starring Charles Boyer, Ingrid Bergman and Joseph Cotton). Even if the victims move from one area to another in attempts to escape their victimization victims find the same cruel tactics being applied to them by cells of different COINTELPRO operatives in their new location. There is no escape. ONE.JPG


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