mr. geral sosbee, tells the truth about everything he is saying its a big cover up the crimes the federal government and local police involved in these evil crimes many are cult member in these secret societies for evil.i call the mobile county sheriff make a report nothing no contact nothing in the past never investigate,or call. I call them 2014 made it clear I was gonna call the news media if they did not investigate.i gave them suspects the sheriff and his chief deputy with other policeman working with a group and mob klan operation a mile away.i did talk to a investigator mark kinsey,,the sheriff used I told him main suspects sam Cochran and david Wilhelm, involved with other trash. I expose the whole operation the next thing I know the kkk,sheriff dept with my mother sister, come up with a plot to get me off youtube and exposing these folks put me in jail for a fabricated crime of child porn.i expose that crime my family to stupid to back up like I told them almost cause somebody to get hurt god protected these folks not the sheriff he is a evil fucking devil and klansman. these folks want to save these evil programs for the money its a fucking game destroying folks lives. its time this program be shut down.i exposed on youtube and wordpress and mr. geral sosbee done his part on many websites a former fbi agent and lawyer time to shut these evil demonic cult programs down operated by the government.

IMC Announcements

By gsosbee, submitted on Mon, 03/28/2016 – 11:22am

‘I am having the time of my life’

First the good news:

I am in good spirits, though fatigued from the recent barrage of DEW/sleep deprivation assaults by the fbi assassins. I have never felt more accomplished in my life, in all of my work as a student, soldier, teacher, lawyer, etc., as I feel today in my work to expose the human monsters of the fbi. Like the late Mike Rupert (COP Vs CIA) stated : “ I’m having the time of my life”.

Now the bad news:

In reference to the fbi campaign to imprison or kill me for reporting their high crimes, see the following background data on threats against me and my wife by the Brownsville, Texas, Police Department, DA and others when we tried to file a report of vandalism, felony stalking, etc.:

Public Integrity violated by Detective Posada:

Open Records Act violated by police, DA…/20…/02/27/open-records-act-vio

My report to the Texas AG and others:…/20…/01/19/fbi-corrupts-law-and
DA and his investigator refuse to meet with me and my wife after he contacts the fbi…/newsl…/_v194/__show_article/_a000194-…

alt link:…/police-fbi-crimes-…
As of today, I continue to ask the Texas AG to order the DA Saenz and his so-called investigator George DeLaunay to provide me with the details of his email to the fbi on the topic of “Sosbee”. The communications between DeLaunay and the fbi thug “ “ Is expected to show prejudicial and false data to and from the fbi/DeLaunay in their efforts to cover up the string of unending crimes against me by the fbi for over thirty years. The communication between DeLaunay and the fbi is direct evidence of fbi interference with the duties of the DA, police and the entire criminal justice system as I have previously documented at A copy of DeLaunay’s email to the fbi thugs is available at this link:…/evidence-of-fbi-crimes-and-cov…

Some of the present players in this sordid action are listed below followed by a summary of their crimes:

Fbi agents and operatives who tear up my car, poison me, attempt murder of my person, pump toxic fumes into my residence which caused serious medical problems, assault me with incapacitating DEW and ELF technology, surveil and harass me 24/7/365 for decades globally in efforts to provoke a response. The same fbi program continued in El Paso, Texas, where the fbi damaged the roof of my home, poisoned my dog, entered my home and rearranged the furniture, destroyed my cars, murdered by transferred intent one Jane Hatley (a tenant who rented my home while the fbi was planting toxic fumes therein), etc. The names of the fbi agents are not known, except as I have previously noted in other reports, but in all cases the fbi offices in El Paso, Brownsville, San Antonio, Dallas, Los Angeles, Honolulu, NYC, etc. are fully aware of the identities of the case agents and operatives who are assassins and torturers let loose on society at will.

See also the false Declaration of fbi agent Monica L. McLean

See the false court pleadings of Sara R. Robinson, AUSA

Consider the unethical communication between DeLaunay and the fbi mentioned above which the DA and DeLaunay used as a basis to refuse to allow me to file a report of fbi crimes and cover up by the Brownsville, Texas, Police Department.

Luis V. Saenz, DA, Cameron County, Texas

Falsely stated that I and my wife could meet with DeLaunay to report crimes mentioned above; then he ordered DeLaunay to ignore my request for a meeting.

George DeLaunay, chief Investigator for the DA, Cameron County, Texas, refused to take my calls, refused to return my calls, refused to accept my reports of crimes, maintained a file on me which confirms many crimes against me by the fbi, and now engages in unlawful communications with the fbi thugs who are committing the many felonies against me with full police cooperation as I have documented.

The Brownsville, Texas and Harlingen, Texas Police Departments have in their data banks many reports (some verified by street cops) of my reports of crimes against my person and my property by fbi operatives.

In some instances I have taken photos of the fbi operatives and such are on the internet; in other cases I have named citizens from the community at large who help the fbi terrorize and assault me. Their names include doctors, dentists, realtors, etc.

So, the mob mentality is used by the fbi to prevent me from exposing the crimes by the fbi and their citizen vigilante groups. For more on these topics see my papers at, “My Story In Detail”, my Writ at

And other sites on the world wide web.

Weep not for me, for ‘I am having the time of my life’; rather weep for mankind because the lunatics of the fbi/cia/dod/police/DA/USA, and their supporters around the world are subverting the law and society and thereby opening the gates of hell for all of earth’s inhabitants.   and


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