3:00 am march 18,2016 white male in white chevy avelance be in the area all the time stalking with other kkk and police klansman sheriff sam the klan Cochran, got his deputize white supremacy member,or deputies out here gangstalking stop in road then drove by gangstalking come from the direction of two kkk bases went back down the road to jeff mccoulgh property kkk base #1 and dockside construction company base #2 on mccoulgh rd its a white power neighborhood where the sheriff and his chief deputy david the klan Wilhelm ,along with his kkk deputy click bailey, set this shit up 2012 after I moved back from the ft.knox ky area a dam bunch of terrorist and racist mf to harass and stalk me.its a clear pattern of abuse I expose to be set up when I call all the players out by name my family brainwashed set a plot child porn working with police to get me off youtube exposing the sheriff I exposed the plot to put me in jail for made up shit look my evidence you will see the corruption and conspiracy to set me up.i be a ex-cop if they will do this shit to me many innocent folks in jail and prisons in Alabama.. Alabama burning mobile county no justice. the klan run this county the sheriff is the fucking grand wizard..https://www.youtube.com/user/tigermoses1 and https://winstonherman17.wordpress.com/


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