gang stalking sucker kkk members and mobile county sheriff deputies involved pull trick everyday being the sheriff sam Cochran,also a white supremacy leader of the county as well he want you to forget he was running this kkk operation with klansman and his deputies gangstalking terrorize me harassed me these folks terrorist more dangerous than isis and brain washed my family into a crime to set me up on made up for a child porn plot to keep me from exposing him more dam evil white trash on youtube this car was out here a few weeks ago saw the camera in my hand took off. the suv was out here gangstalking last night these klansman and police destroyed my security cameras so I cant record them.pull plot daily cult members mobile county Alabama is very corrupted klansman run this county and get away with crimes no justice. had a klansman shooting from a vehicle about 4 weeks ago sent by the sheriff his boyz. well you may feel more safer drinking coffee with isis they in uniform all the time these evil cops and klansmen not in uniform a real danger to society you dams fools worrying about isis these terror groups right in the usa. police and klansman using some uncle toms to help.. .


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