WELL YOU CAN SAY HE WAS TARGETED AND A TARGETED INDIVIDUAL Fresno, California – An activist named John Lang was found stabbed to death inside of his home this week after predicting that he would be killed by police in his area. His house was also set on fire in the struggle that killed him. According to ABC30, his neighbors noticed smoke coming from his house around 3:00 in the afternoon on Wednesday. When fire crews arrived on the scene, it took them a few minutes to get in the house because it was well secured with a gate. When they made their way inside they discovered Lang’s body lifeless and bleeding from several stab wounds. JOHN LANG -Open Letter the USDOJ and the FBI I am fairly certain that Fresno Law Enforcement is trying to set me up on some type a charge related to child pornography.Herman Winston THIS SOUND JUST LIKE THE SAME SHIT THE MOBILE COUNTY SHERIFF AND MY FAMILY MADE A PLOT TO SET ME UP CHILD PORN.I EXPOSE THE PLOT THESE SOME SORRY EVIL CULT MEMBERSAKA GANGSTALKERS WILL DO ANYTHING TO GET FEDERAL BOUNTY MONEY, SET YOU,UP ,KILL,STEAL SOUL SOLD TO THE DEVIL IN HELL CANT TRUST THEM.The next day, on the 16th, Lang noticed a suspicious van near his house and recorded a man hanging around outside of the vehicle, looking very tense and speaking to one of the occupants inside. Lang posted the following video along with this message: “If I turn up missing or dead tomorrow remember this Van. I think I seen a couple of guys sneak out the side door and into the building when it was parked in the carport this afternoon. I’ve been causing the City of Fresno a lot of problems recently which I now regret..Sign on the Door said Guarantee Carpet Cleaning Fresno.” https://youtu.be/R5acGmgBGN8

https://youtu.be/R5acGmgBGN8 http://thefreethoughtproject.com/activist-stabbed-death-house-set-fire-predicted-cops-kill/?utm_source=getresponse&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=savoymatt&utm_content=The+Free+Thought+Project+Newsletter


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