A TARGETED INDIVIDUAL BLACK PROFFESSIONAL FEMALE WAS A MAYOR THESE DEVILS DESTORYED HER WEBSITE SO YOU CANT READ HER FULL (cant post link will not let you post on face book blocking web address so many folks could not post story had website in story a broken destroyed link ) ‪#‎TargetedIndividuallivesMatter‬ Katherine Moore To Whom It May Concern: I became what some of the whistleblowers refer to as “targeted individuals.” I served as the Mayor Pro Tem for ten years in Wilmington, NC. These are people who are actually being targeted by law enforcement all over the country for harassment, stalking, intimidation, and false arrests. I became a targeted individual when I reported the misuse of government funds and some pedophile police. I have been targeted for twelve years. I lost my thirty-five year old successful business and my financial future was destroyed. I was falsely arrested for DUI at sixty-two by Officer Paul Nevitt. I was handcuffed with my hands behind my back and ordered to “slide your fanny over “as we approached the vehicle. A magistrate was summoned after I blew .00 twice on the Breathalyzer. She issued an arrest warrant anyway. I filed a lawsuit against the police department. The department fired the officer after they said that he had violated over fourteen department policies, however; Sheriff Sid Causey immediately hired Nevitt and referred to him as ”good” officer. Federal Judge Louise Flanagan disallowed a jury trial and dismissed my case. Law enforcement is not satisfied to focus on the target; they also include the children. My two adult children, both attorneys, have had trouble getting their careers going and maintaining relationships. My son suffered the most devastating blow when he entered Duke University Hospital for a cornea transplant and a doctor deliberately punctured his retina. Duke has refused to correct his situation. Three lives continue to be almost unbearable. Sincerely, Katherine Moore


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