THE BLACK SITE Homan Square CHICAGO POLICE ‪#‎Targetedindividuallivesmatter‬ would try to cover some records ,or report up its a conpiracy,i be dealing with one right here police hiding report,because i expose them on a made up child porn crime with my family hell is in all their futures dont make no shit up on me i take it personal these dumb asses make stuff up on targeted victims everyday to get bounty money for groups destroy lives thats why we got to stand are ground stop these evil plots say no more..enough is enough no justice for us.the problem here is really bad me being a ex-cop. when your police the mobile county sheriff deptment is connect heavily involved in white supremacist hanging out with kkk members comitting crimes with white power racist sheriff and officers. the city of chigaco police needs to be disbanded no longer a police dept took over by the federal government that department needs to operate just like washington d.c. police dept which is a federal police dept all members federal employees.


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