i know this situation to be true,because i be a victim of gangstalking by the sheriff who is a white supremacist in mobile county alabama using his kkk members with his deputy part of the white power brotherhood has stalk set me up for crimes totally fabricated. call me the (n) word to my face. i be a ex cop and targeted individual https://www.youtube.com/user/tigermoses1 https://winstonherman17.wordpress.com — Jhodi Smits brother,My brother Nahum. The white supremacist KKK sheriff department of Livingston parish is holding this young man on bogus charges and trying to set me up To have me jailed are in their brand new courts house for using his debit card to try and make commissary on his account. The sheriff department is quilty of using the technology to harass people and run them insane and using it on me to cover up a sexual assault and racism and discrimination of gender Cuz The real Jesus Christ is Me ,so MILAB military devils the show is over and I will have all your false ass Churches burned to the ground for trying call me a terrorist you racist murders!


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