I BEEN SEEING THESE TWO GROUPS WORK TOGETHER PLOTTING AND STALKING ME THIS BE TRUE A BROTHERHOOD OF EVIL GANGSTALKERS AND KILLER COPS HOLDING HANDS WORKING TOGETHER TO GET FREE FEDERAL FUNDING MONEY GETTING RICH,PUTTING INNOCENT PEOPLE IN SLAVERY MAKING THEM POOR. GOD BLESS ALL TARGETED INDIVIDUALS VICTIMS KEEP THEM SAFE FROM THIS EVIL SYSTEM OF DEVILS WITHOUT HORNS. https://www.youtube.com/user/tigermoses1 AND https://winstonherman17.wordpress.com/ this just shows this info is correct .i was outside house preaching against the evil sheriff and his gangstalking deputies and these crimes four patrol cars kept riding back in forrth mind control killers waisting tax payers money at 1 pm dec 4,2015 should be out patrolling streets rather than gangstalking for the klan it just gives me more video evidence thank yall for being stupid..lol


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