I CUT VIDEO CAMERA ON THESE WAR CRIMINALS THEY LEFT AREA.sheriff sam cochran,mobile county sheriff,already got his killer cop gangstalking unit in area sitting 100 yards from house on roadway stalking in brand new chevy suv mark unit got them on video these are terrorist at large a danger to society.these are terrorist and kkk members in uniform fabricated crimes on me made up plots been killing stalking folks.these criminals killed my cousin Julius moore, put him in a pond 10 yrs ago he was gangstalked and killed former police officer bobby covington, a mobile policeman made it look like a suicide 2000 and gangstalker destroy my aunt elsie lee lofton life after reporting the mobile mobile county sheriff drug dealing with a business stalked her until they destroyed her life she died 2 yrs ago. I GOT FAMILY MEMBER SOLD THEIR SOUL TO THE DEVIL HELPING THESE PLOTS MY OWN SISTER LIE SHE IS DANGEROUS WILL GET YOU KILL AND SET UP FOR THESE EVIL SOCIETY OF KILLER GANGSTALKING KILLER COPS THESE FOLKS THANK THEY BAD THE SHERIFF THANKS HE IS ABOVE THE DAM LAW A OLD EVIL WHITE RACIST FOLKS SCARED OF HIM AND DO EVIL PLOTS FOR EVIL SYSTEM DONT WANT TO BE VICTIMS OF THIS EVIL GROUP CRIMINALS.. I EXPOSE THESE EVIL CRIMINALS I BE A EX -POLICE OFFICER AND A VICTIM OF THESE CRIMINALS. THEN 3O, MINUTES LATER GET A MARKED SHERIFF CAR UNIT GANGSTALKING WITH BLACK GMC TRUCK WITH TRAILER STOPPING BY HOUSE IN A PLOT DRIVEN BY KKK MEMBER AND LEADER JEFF MCCOULOUGH, WORKING WITH SHERIFF A HANG OUT LOCATION FOR THE KLAN AND POLICE TO RALLY..THESE HATE GROUPS MAD I BE EXPOSING THEM IN THEIR RACIST AND CRIMINAL PLOTS AGAINST MANKIND SOMEBODY GOT TO EXPOSE THESE CRIMINALS THESE DEPUTIES BACK DOWN THE ROAD AT DOCKSIDE CONSTRUCTION HANGING OUT WITH OTHER KKK MEMBERS GANGATALKING AGAIN..https://www.youtube.com/user/tigermoses1



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