when i was at the 3rd precint mobile police dept 1999.a officer i will call him michael j, resign,or took a leave of absence to go work for the united nations as a peace keeper in bosinia he left. a month later had officer going around saying he was fired and watch he want be coming back to the mobile police dept. i defended him with some other officer saying he was not fired this information can be verified by other officers. the whole plot was part of sam cochran the cheif at the time with david wilhelm had their agents inside the police dept spreading rumors and fabricated information.i drove by mcgill toolen high school last year 2014,this officer michael j was standing by the cross walk with another officer .i recall it was a fight,or bomb threat in the news.i was on the way to the va hospital up the street to try to get me so benifits since these 2 dumbasses put me in the gangstalking program at mobile police dept. lied say they fired me was mobbed off my federa job at ft.knox,ky result of all this shit.i was gonna go back and talk to the officer after i left the va hospital talk to him about this and what happen to me school was out and he was gone. at mobile police now both at the mobile county sheriff dept now sheriff sam the klan cochran,and his chief deputy david hitler wilhelm, pull all kind of shit officers leave the police dept stop folks from coming back to evil fuckers.i had a rookie officer i trained he run into money problems not making enough to support his family he went back to sell new cars for 2, years got money saved these, dumb asses tried to stop him from coming back told him he leave again he would never comback.i told him he should have told them to kiss his ass. well its a long list of stories these folks very dangerous and evil two devils thats why they work together doing evil to hurt folks many ways its folks can verify this information.i left the mobile police dept 2nd precinct 2001 resigned these fool refused to give me a leave of absence to go work for the united in kosovo.i left the started hearing negative shit right aawy i was fired no real proof other than talk got a lawyer to sue them could not get another job.the lawyer made a deal to get my job back i refused to go back moved to louisville,ky mobbed,gangstalked their on every job and any place i go heard folks talk about mobile and thes 2,dam fools.i went back into army reserves to take a federal military tech job part of the conditions had to be in u.s. army.i got into the army had a interview with a federal back ground investigator a library in louisville,ky he ask me why i was fired from the mobile police dept.i told this was a lie and the good ole boy system of racist was trying to keep me a good man down.he told me this would stop me from getting a security clerance ,could not get one thanks to these 2,ass holes i notified some folks at mobile police dept about these 2 fools had me listed as fired .i worked on ft.knox,ky 3yrs mobbed and gangstalked got so bad i left my job 2012, moved back to alabama. they could not wait brought all kind of trash in the area to stalk me a mile away had old trashy travel trailer park these dumb asses brought policeman from mobile, sheriff deputies,deputy click bailey running this cluster fuck withh killer cops. war criminal gangstalkers kkk groups these policeman involved in these white power groups come bye house stalking,calling me n word as well as following me.i expose them really bad they pull back some of the trash still got some thrash in the area.i had very little help my family member involved watching this shit going on like some good uncle toms with a promise of money and a promise of a house to my 80yr old mother my family aint been no good to me a danger to me.i had my family my sister and her 16 yr daughter coo-coo bareboon looking ass daughter talking on a speaker lied say i said some same speaker used to call me the n word hidden in th open field across the road.i had enough was leaving never coming back the dumb ass sheriff told my sister to take pictures of her daughter tell them i done it to keep in a trap here to be put in jail if i left didnot leave told them to stop this shit. well its very hurtful to make child porn on anybody god help me to expose the plot thangs got bad god save my bald heded ass sister life pulling this bull shit who help with other family members help cover up a child sex crime 25 yrs ago protecting the man should be last mf to make up shit on anybody.this same sister pull a gun on my uncle and cousin 2, months for me back in alabama march 2012 after a lady hit a fence she was blaming problem on their drug operation got mad pull gun out on them they left scene. i heard them test firing their guns they where coming back .i met them up the road told them she was wrong yall go back home we gonna get the police write it up.my god they listen me went back home,becareful who you help,or save see she cause me all this trouble later, if i would have not stop them good chance she would not be around to do evil.i told my aunt mae about what she was doing my aunt told them everything i said she really went lying making up shit running to police with speaker lie,telling folk herman pull a gun on you she was mad i exposed her pulling a gun on family members. well she working for these evil devil sheriff sam the klan cochran and david hitler wihelm, 2 sorry fuckers.i know folks would pour water on these 2,evil fuckers if they thought they would melt and dance around in a circle singing the wicked wictches is dead ding dong.i would lead the band.when i was a officer it was a man shot in the projects a group of folks surround me and him say fuck him he had it coming he robbed children and old folks. the same thing to these two fuckers some happen to them you can say these mf had it coming these 2, bitches got a fake facebook profile with their agents online i call yalls stupid asses out again..evidence https://www.youtube.com/user/tigermoses1


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