(heads up targeted individuals this is nothing more than the mk-ultra,gangstalkinging ,war criminals with killer cops out destroy folks lives killing them.) This is how the FBI / CIA stalked , profiled , studied and killed Afro Americans even today . Operation Black Desk still functions today . It is very clear with the recent Trevon Case and the outrageous stir up of the Afro American public .This is how the American government learned how to completely control the minds of the urban public and now they have it down to a science .You can also see the effect on Afro American artist like Jay Z sailing his soul to have fame and money while leading the minds of the youth to the Free Mason occult music world he promotes in his music along with his occultist wife Beyonce . You can clearly see this with Obama also and all his lies and out right deception that the majority of the urban public are blind to but they will march when he says march ( Trevon March test to up his approval in the urban public ) and they will protest when this man says protest . This was a test to see when he is impeached if he can get the urban public to protest and if they do when he is impeached martial law will come over America and this thief we call president becomes a full blown dictator for the NWO . When this non black president made the statement what if Trevon was his son or he could have been him .That is a out right lie and brain washing techniques the urban public fell for . He grew up in a wealthy elite society and he is the nephew of Dick Chaney and mutil billionaire and ex Vice President who runs Americas war machine Halbertine and at one time Dick was the CEO of this evil company before it became Americas largest military contractor . This company makes the most money from war and charges the American tax payers for each bullet ,tank , plane , military out fit , food ext . they make for a war no one can afford . Obama is not American and he is not even Afro American but the Afro Americans stands behind the Indonesian drug dealer that has hi jacked America and congress and is running the country like a dictator while his uncle and the elite get rich . As the world falls into a finical crises created by Obamas elitist family ( Chaney ,Bush , Windsors ,Rothschilds are all related ) and are the Free Mason Monarchy that is the sickness of the world . The public is manipulated with mind control ( Operation Black Desk being super effective ) while they horde the money they have stolen from the world claiming the world is out of money and food ext . As they force and back evil companies as they claim we need Monsanto poison food to save us but really it is just killing us off and they know it . What rubbish and absolute filth these people are and it is clear what they are doing with the fake Afro American puppets who sold there soul to be where they are to lead the world blind . This is the power of Operation Black Desk and Black Water ( Monsanto owns Black Water Now )This is why 80 percent of the food in minority based areas in Monsanto poison . This is the story of how they use stalk ,study and kill the Afro American mind body and soul . To let you know how secretive this evil operation is I could not find anything on the net about Black Desk . Thanks for your time . Please spread the word and the truth .. Hip Hop , The Assassination Hits And Gang Stalking By The CIA / FBI Cult


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