THIS SHERIFF OF MOBILE COUNTY,ALABAMA IS ABOUT A STUPID FUCKER AND KKK LEADER,SAM COCHRAN ,GOT HIS KKK MEMBERS GANGSTALKING ,SOME OF HIS DEPUTIES ARE KKK MEMBERS AS WELL OUT HERE GANGSTALKING PULLING A LONG SIDE OF THE ROAD IN A GRAY SUV 4 RUNNER AND A SECOND VEHICLE A GOLD CHEVY TAHOE WHITEMALES AND WHITE FEMALES GOT ON THE GROUND.. 1:30AM OCT 18,2015 THIS MORNING CRAZY ASS EVIL FOLKS WILL DO ANY THING FOR MK-ULTRA BOUNTYMONEY VERY DEMONIC FOLKS.I HAVE EXPOSE HIS WHOLE OPERATION AND CORRUPTION THESE FOOLS ON VIDEO 3HRS OF VIDEO ON THESE FOOLS TODAY GIVES ME MORE EVIDENCE WITH WHAT I ALREADY GOT. BLOCKING MY WIRE LESS SECURITY CAMERA SO I CANT SEE THEM JUST LIKE I TOLD YOU BEFORE YOU PICK THE WRONG PERSON TO PUT INTO THIS TARGETED INDIVIDUAL PROGAM AS A POLICE OFFICER IN 90S STILL GOING ON TODAY.I EXPOSE EVERYTHING YOU DO YOU JUST A RACIST WHITE TRASH IN A UNIFORM A NOBODY A send your kkk/deputies army in area call me the N a few weeks ago this has happen to many times sam cochran ,keep your trash out of the area you invaded area 2012, when i moved back from kentucky you just a evil corrupted klansman, never thought you would be involved in white power groups,or White Supremacist Groups your right in it with your buddy deputy click baily was running this shit down the road one mile from me. when its 2 white hoods its many more of you fuckers a bunch you in the sheriff dept ,,if it was not so you would not be hanging out with these hate groups.


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