i got gangstalking sheriff sam cochran with his infragard group deputies and kkk members ,war criminals,terrorist hacking blocking my security wireless camera so i cant see their gangstalking punk asses in front of the house on security monitor gangstalking trying to cover up hide my evidence of their crimes happening to me see second video posted on link this how they hack and black out cameras…i got new evidence and hacking recorded..IF YOU SEE MY YOUTUBE THE EVIDENCE I GOT ON THESE CRIMINALS AND SHERIFF THATS WHY MY FAMILY HELP TO CREATE A CHILD PORN PLOT TO PUT ME IN JAIL.GOD LET ME EXPOSE PLOT THEY TRYING TO HIDE CRIME PLOT, PUT ME IN MENTAL WARD TO KEEP THE SHERIFF IN OFFICE OUT OF JAIL SAME STATUS FOR MY MOTHER AND SISTERS PART OF THIS PLOT TO SHUT ME DOWN ON YOUTUBE THESE NUTS SHERIFF DEPUTIES AND THE PUBLIC INFORMATION OFFICER OUT GANGSTALKING AS WELL.I HAVE EXPOSE THESE CROOKS AND WAR CRIMES ON YOUTUBE OTHER VIDEO EVIDENCE.. SEE SECOND VIDEO this how these crooks hack changing camera now so much hacking been done in last 4 yrs by these crooks dont buy a wieless camera system you will be hacked…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4jtQUdZu154


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